Based on the experience of Friulinox preservation systems, the new Aroma seasoning and maturation cabinets were created. Equipped with the most sophisticated temperature, humidity and ventilation controls that generate the perfect microclimate for each specific type of product.

Two distinguishable versions are available. The Front is designed to give an elegant total black aesthetic with internal LED lighting that enhances the product and makes it easy to insert as a visible design element in any environment. It can be customized with a wide range of accessories according to the type of food to be stored.

Features of the Aroma include:

  • HACCP alarm management.
  • Specific probe for humidity regulation.
  • Connectivity with Wi-Fi remote control (optional).
  • 5″ touch screen color display with control interface
  • Responsive humidity management
  • Automatic climate change management
  • The know-how of the best experts at your disposal
Aroma Control - Charcuterie

Structural characteristics

• Monoblock construction.
• Internal stainless steel.
• External in Skinplate steel.
• 80 mm-thick insulation.
• High density CFC and HCFC-free PU insulation (42 kg/m3).
• Ergonomic handle with wooden insert.
• Self-closing doors with opening position block at 100° and magnetic gaskets on all 4 sides.
• Silk-screened tempered glass easily-open Dashboard to facilitate periodic maintenance (condenser cleaning).
• Rounded cell corners for easy cleaning.
• Lower infill plinth.
• Indirect ventilation thanks to the full-length duct system for optimal air circulation and uniform temperature distribution.
• 4000K LED door lighting.
• Locking fixtures.
• Wide range of customization possibilities
• Double glazed door with high insulation level