The cold storage specialists have developed a new range of 700 l cabinets.

Multicolour: black, red or stainless steel, specific for the Delicatessen and Catering sector. Thanks to the different colours, they can blend in perfectly with exposed furnishings. They can accommodate 1/1 GN or 2/1 GN trays.


• Monocoque construction.
• Steel external bottom, internal bottom moulded for containment.
• 80 mm ecological high-density WBS insulation.
• Cataphoresis-coated copper-aluminium evaporating coil.
• Painted condensing coil with high thermal efficiency, requires no cleaning.
• Openable instrument panel to facilitate periodic maintenance.
• Magneti c gasket on all four sides of the door and main body.
• Adjustable high-strength polymer feet H 120÷160 mm.
• Automatic condensate evaporation and defrost device without the use of electricity .
• Climate class 5.
• Ecological refrigerant R290.
• Polymer interior with moulded side panels with 24 positions.

Standard accessories

• 3 GN 2/1 steel racks with food-grade coating.


• 2 wheel kit with brake.