Functions of the Ready range

  • Soft or hard chilling to +3°C
  • Soft or hard freezing to -18°C
  • Continuous Cycle from -5°C to -40°C
  • Storage either positive (-2°C / +18°C) or negative (-18°C / -21°C)

Flexible tray configuration

The Ready range of cabinets allow you to blast chill/freeze food in either full size 1/1 Gastronorm trays or standard EN1 baking grids (600x400mm) at the same time without the need for any additional or special racking.

Features of the Friulinox RBS-122-SA include:

External construction

• 0.8 mm-thick stainless steel external sides and door (Scotch-Brite satin finish)
• Stainless steel internal coating with fully rounded corners
• Die-moulded and leakproof internal base
• Full-length flush ergonomic handle
• 1 mm-thick stainless steel top (Scotch-Brite satin finish)
• HCFC-free high-density polyurethane foam insulation (approx. 42 kg/m³)
• Anti-condensation heating element situated on the body frame, under the stop
• Magnetic seal on 4 sides of the door
• Stainless steel exterior (Scotch-Brite satin finish)
• Indirect-flow electric fans – made of composite material – on the product
• Cooling capacity expressed at evaporation temperature -25°C and condensation temperature at +45°C

Interior features

• Quick-release heated core probe with 4 measuring points
• Removable stainless steel double-track guides (GN-EN), equipped with an anti-tip system. (Grids sold separately)
• Side guide-supporting uprights with 18 mm-pitch holes.


• 5″ high-definition TOUCH display
• Pictogram and text-identifiable processes
• USB connection for uploading and downloading data/recipes
• Compressor-protecting automatic-reset thermal circuit breaker
• Wifi connectivity (optional)

Performance Tested to European Standard EN17032 

All Friulinox Blast Chiller and Freezers are fully tested using a ‘real world’ product to ensure all capacity and performance figures are achievable by the operator.

Performance – the performance test was performed with mashed potatoes in a GN1/1 H40 mm tray, with the mashed potatoes being 35 mm thick, equal to ~5 kg per tray, with blast chiller in a room measured at 30°C.

Chilling consumption – The specific blast chilling consumption expressed in kWh/kg was taken starting with an average mashed potato temperature of 65°C, arriving at +10°C at the end of blast chilling and in less than 120 minutes.

Freezing consumption – The specific consumption in quick deep freezing expressed in kWh/kg was taken starting at an average mashed potato temperature of 65°C, arriving at -18°C at the end of deep freezing and in less than 270 minutes.

Please download the specification sheet for full details of this specific machine.