Time to Taste

In nature nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is preserved. To do it best, we need the best technologies but also a vision that looks to the future, to the concrete needs of professionals, to the value of time, food products, quality of work and life.

Since 1972 Friulinox has been creating blast chilling, storage and refrigeration systems with the utmost performance, quality and style: from the design to the construction, as part of an industrial cycle that combines Italian excellence, international dimensions and environmental sustainability.
Friulinox Submarine Multifunction Blast Chiller

Precision Blast Chilling

Time is the most precious value of all. In the life of every person and in the work of any company. In a small artisanal laboratory as well as in a large professional kitchen, in the simplest preparations and in the most complex ones, time management is the secret to success.

Friulinox technology stops, slows down, accelerates time with extraordinary versatility and precision: it breaks down the limits of the seasons and the processes of transformation of in-gredients, exploiting the natural power of cold.

Service and Support

Friulinox POP

The new POP range of storage refrigerators and freezers are great value option for cafes, delis, coffee shops, kitchen and kiosks which require quality refrigeration on a budget.

POP 700L upright cabinets come in three finishes; red or black skinplate steel or stainless steel. The interiors are finished in moulded polymer with integral runners for easy cleaning and can accommodate up to 24 2/1GN trays

Friulinox POP

Combi Station: for every event and for every location

It is the new all-in-one appliance produced by Friulinox that satisfies every catering need.

Its unique strength lies in its practical, and easy to handle, refrigerated drawers for semi-finished or finished foods, and in its heated drawers that keep products warm and ready for service.

Friulinox Combi Station

Friulinox Aroma

Based on the experience of Friulinox preservation systems, the new Aroma seasoning and maturation cabinets were created. Equipped with the most sophisticated temperature, humidity and ventilation controls that generate the perfect microclimate for each specific type of product.

Friulinox Aroma Dry Age

Friulinox Vanilla

The new line of Vanilla cabinets, dedicated to the world of pastry and ice cream, which are available in different temperatures, according to the products to be stored, with tray sizes EN1, EN2, and ICE. Thanks to the different technological solutions for temperature and humidity control, they always guarantee perfect product conservation.

To always guarantee that the products are perfectly preserved, a specific APP, called Sushi Smart Freshness Control, was developed. The App alerts you to when the food inside is expiring or has expired, which avoids waste and eliminates the risk of using products that are no longer suitable for consumption. Along with other HACCP controls.

Friulinox Vanilla