Scotsman XSafe…

Introducing the ‘New Normal’ for Ice Machines!

2021 UPDATE!

Scotsman XSafe has been proven to kill the SARS-CoV-2 virus (Covid-19) in 1 second!

The UV technology used in the XSafe system has been independently tested by Biological Consulting Services of North Florida Inc. and verified to provide effective protection against Covid-19 and all other known bacteria & viruses. The continual operation of the XSafe system ensures total protection 24/7!

What is Scotsman XSafe?

XSafe is a totally natural sanitation system which is fully integrated inside the ice machine. It automatically operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week to keep your ice making equipment clean and safe. The system destroys over 99% of known viruses and bacteria (including coronaviruses), and substantially reduces the formation of mould, mildew, yeast, and slime within the machine preventing unpleasant odours from occurring.

How does it work?

The XSafe process simply replicates the positive effects of UV sunlight. A powerful UV light bulb creates a highly reactive enriched oxygen mixture. This mixture has very high oxidation properties which can destroy viruses & bacteria and prevent the growth of mould, mildew, slime, and odours. The reactive oxygen mixture is produced continually, always flowing throughout the machine. Keeping the ice machine, and anything inside it, hygienically clean and free from all known bacteria and viruses (including coronaviruses).

What is the content of the “highly reactive oxygen mixture” generated by XSafe?

UV lamp inside XSafe has two very specific wavelengths, which are generating from the incoming air the following components: free oxygen atoms (O), hydroxyl radicals (HO), ozone (O3) and superoxide ions (O2-). This mixture is 30% more effective than the pure Ozone in destroying all kind of organic contaminants.

Is the highly reactive Oxygen mixture generated by XSafe dangerous for humans?

No, the concentration levels of highly reactive Oxygen molecules (like Ozone) generated by XSafe is much below the limits stated by WHO (World Health Organisation) Air Quality Guidelines and FDA (American Food & Drug Administration) limits on Ozone concentration.

Comparisons with Other Systems

How does XSafe compare to other after-market UV bulb systems?

UV light is proven to kill bacteria, the heart of XSafe is UV light. The problem with UV bulb only systems, which shine the light into the ice storage bin, is twofold. Firstly, UV light will only kill the bacteria which comes directly into contact with the light, if there’s any shadows or corners were the light cannot shine, these will be areas where bacteria, viruses, moulds etc. will be able to survive. The UV light cannot penetrate past the first few layers of ice in the storage bin, which means the lower levels of the machine are not protected.

The second issue is that some UV light sources can be harmful to humans, potentially exposing staff members to powerful UV is not a good thing!

The XSafe system uses powerful UV light to generate ozone, which in turn creates a highly reactive oxygen mixture. This oxygen mixture is always blown throughout the ice machine. Across the ice making evaporators, the water intakes, throughout the ice storage bin, and across any items like ice scoops which may be stored inside the machine killing any bacteria as it goes (we still recommend cleaning ice scoops daily, and you should never chill bottles, especially glass ones, directly inside your ice maker).

The oxygen mixture is of a high enough concentration to be effective against bacteria and viruses but will not pose any problems for humans and the UV light is contained within a special compartment keeping it safely away from any human interaction.

Why XSafe is better than devices that add Ozone to the water?

For two reasons: first because all the internal parts of the machine not in direct contact with water will not be sanitised, and second because there is the risk that the ice will have a smell of Ozone.

Why Xsafe is better than ice makers fitted with an internal UV lamp?

The UV lamp light cannot reach every single small corner of the bin and the evaporator. The areas not reached by direct UV light will not be sanitised.  A bin fitted only with a UV lamp needs to be turned off when the bin door is open (for safety reasons) if the operator leaves the bin door open for a long period, the sanitation ceases to work.

Ice Machine Operations

Does the XSafe system taint or flavour the ice?

No. The XSafe system works without the use of chemicals and the reactive oxygen mixture has no taste or smell, therefore there’s nothing to transfer on to the ice. This ensures that the ice you serve to your customers is as good as it possible can be, making sure that your signature drinks and cocktails taste as they should.

What do I need to do daily?

The XSafe system requires zero interaction from the operator on a day-to-day basis other than the usual daily hygiene procedures for cleaning and sanitising. For example, making sure the external surfaces of the machine, storage bin, door handles, ice scoops etc. have been cleaned and sanitised with a suitable surface sanitiser and visually inspecting the inside of the machine to ensure nothing has fallen into the storage bin which would physically contaminate the ice.

Does XSafe have any hidden benefits?

Yes. Preventing the growth of yeasts, moulds, slime, and mildew can elongate the interval between complete deep cleans. This can reduce service, cleaning, and maintenance costs by up to 50%. And the reduced use of harsh cleaners and scale removers will help extend the operational life of the ice maker by up to 30%! Making XSafe a very environment friendly cleaning system!

Does XSafe sanitise also the scoop?

Yes, if the scoop is stored inside the bin, XSafe will also sanitise the scoop as part of its normal operation.

Is XSafe noisy?

No, there is no notable noise, even if the ice maker is on standby (bin full).

Which Scotsman Ice Machines will feature XSafe?

The XSafe system will be rolled out and fitted as standard across every range of Scotsman Ice maker except for the entry level AC-Series, the industrial MAR scale ice machines and some of the larger flaked ice makers. Scotsman is committed to making the manufacture, storage and serving of ice as hygienic as possible.

Scotsman XSafe Equipment Ranges

Service & Maintenance

Would I be able to retro fit XSafe to my existing Scotsman Ice Machine?

Yes. Retro-fit kits will be available which can be installed in any existing Scotsman ice machine. To qualify for XSafe accreditation, the ice machine must be professionally cleaned and descaled prior to installation by a qualified, XSafe approved technician. Contact the Hubbard Systems Technical department on 01473 350000 for full details.

Do I need to service the machine?

The high-power UV bulb has an effective lifespan of twelve months. When the machine reaches its anniversary, a visible light will show alerting the operator to make the necessary arrangements for replacing the UV bulb, contact the Hubbard Systems parts department on 01473 350000 for details.

Does XSafe use harmful chemicals?

No. XSafe doesn’t use any form of chemical which is hugely beneficial from both a staff training and cleaning perspective. But also, from a ice quality and taste point of view. Zero chemicals mean zero chemical residues which could taint the taste of the ice.

Does XSafe sanitise the incoming water?

XSafe was developed to take care of the internal food zone areas of the ice maker. For sure it will have a mild effect on the incoming water, but we assume that the incoming water is drinkable. If the water is not drinkable it must be filtered before coming into the ice maker.

Will my ice machine still need a water filter?

Fitting a water filter will always be optional on ice machines. To ensure that your ice machine produces clear, pure ice, we’d always recommend fitting some form of filtration system. The XSafe system has no effect on scale formation, if your ice machine is in a area of hard water then it will definitely need a water filter. Mains water in the UK varies in mineral content from region to region but wherever you are it will always be of potable quality with a negligible microbial content making it perfectly safe for the manufacture of ice. Using the right type of water filter, one which prevents or reduces scale formation, will ensure that best possible ice is produced and will help prolong the operational life of your ice machine.

Does XSafe also reduce the frequency of descaling the machine?

No, XSafe has effect only on organic microorganisms, not on inorganic materials like limestone, salts, sand, etc.

Will I still need to empty and clean my ice machine?

Unfortunately, yes. Periodically you will still need to switch off and empty your ice machine. This is to ensure that no physical contaminants have entered the machine, bottle tops, bits of paper towel, glasses etc. The XSafe system cannot stop things from falling into your ice machine during use, it does however inhibit the development of mould, slime, and yeast growth so the interval between cleans can be extended. Common sense should always take over, if you can see physical contaminants within your machine, you should empty and clean it regardless of when it was last cleaned. The last thing you should ever want is to serve a customer with a drink containing bits of debris.

How do I know if XSafe is working properly?

There are some LED lights on the XSafe which show the status on the machine.  In any case just smelling the ice bin you can feel the “fresh air” sensation if the device is working properly.

Is the UV bulb of XSafe available in the general market?

No, the UV bulb of XSafe is specifically made for Scotsman, as it generates very specific UV waves. The bulb must be purchased through Scotsman distribution network. Call us on 01473 350000 for more details.

Can UV bulb be changed by the end user?

No, as the front panel of the machine needs to be opened to access the XSafe components, the annual maintenance should only be carried out by a qualified technician.

What is the warranty of XSafe?

If the bulb is changed every year, the warranty will be the same of the ice maker.

Which approvals has XSafe?

NSF – CE – cURus – HACCP – Rohs – Atex