Scotsman Ice & Water Dispensers

The Scotsman range of ice and water dispensers are ideal for the safe and hygienic serving of both water and ice in public areas.

The touch-free functionality makes them ideal for self-service applications as the operator simply places the glass beneath the spout to activate the machine. The enclosed storage bin keeps the ice away from contamination, making them a great choice for hospitals and care homes limiting points of contact which maintains maximum hygiene.

DXN dispensing

Features of the Scotsman DXN 107 include

• Compact ice or ice & water automatic dispenser, with appealing, contemporary “touch-screen” design.
• Ideal for free-refill self-service concepts with up to 1200 glasses filled per day and capable of dispensing ice for up to 100 customers in queue at one time.
• Available either touch-free or button activated.
• Possible to set ice only or ice & water on site and desired ice dosage (from 1’’ to 15’’ or continuous).
• Fast & friendly cleaning mode for the end user.
• Algorithm signaling when reservoir is temporarily empty.
• Full frontal visibility of settings and errors for preventative service checkup.
• Accessory: on request, it can be installed upon a specifically designed cabinet.

Scotsman Cubelet Ice

Cubelet ice is made from pieces of hard compacted flake ice, which have a slow melt rate. Cubelet ice machines are perfect for busy quick service restaurants, bars and all other food service operators as it can be produced quickly and in large quantities relative to the machines foot print. The compressed ‘pellets’ of ice have high displacement making it the ideal ice for soft drinks, especially for those who offer ‘bottomless’ refills.

Scotsman Nugget Ice