Ice Storage Bins & Transportation

Scotsman MAR modular ice machines require a suitable ice storage bin to compliment the production capabilities of the head unit.

Scotsman manufacture a range of ice bins in the NB/SB and UBH series. These ice storage solutions come in a variety of different dimensions and capacities allowing you to customise an ice production solution that’s perfect for your specific business needs.

Larger modular ice machines could benefit from being paired with either SIS or ITS ice transport bin which make the handling of large volumes of ice easier and more hygienic.

Scotsman Ice Bins

Features of the Scotsman MAR 308 SPLIT Scale ice maker include:

• Scale ice machine, in “split system” version; built-in unit. Storage bin not supplied, to be purchased separately.
• To be connected to condensing unit or central cooling system (low temperature).
• AISI304 Stainless steel evaporator and ice scraper blade. Redesigned evaporator compartment end-walls.
• Redesigned evaporator compartment end-walls, electromechanical control panel.
• Electromechanical control panel. Electrical protections, rotation speed & reverse phase controls.
• Low- water sensor protection. Storage bin thermostatic ice level sensor. Drive motor / gear reducer with V-Belt drive.
• Stainless steel panels in scotch-brite finish, with rounded corners, easy to remove for maintenance.
• Supplied w/expansion valve, solenoid valve, pressure regulating valve (KVP), heat exchanger.

Scotsman Scale Ice

Scotsman Scale Ice machines manufacture ice in a range of thicknesses, from 1.2mm as preferred by the food processing industry to 2.2mm as demanded by the fishing industry. Scale Ice is produced in heavy-duty cylindrical evaporators designed for the most rugged applications. Scale ice’s dry texture and colder temperatures make it the idea ice type for packing and transporting fresh food products.

Scotsman Scale Ice