Cubelet ice – The chewable one

By far the driest and hardest form of Flake ice, Cubelet Ice is produced at just below zero degrees Celsius just like all other flake ice forms, but it is then compressed to remove excess residual water, reducing it to as low as 10% of its original volume.

Compressed flake ice formed in irregular chips. Long lasting, easy to use, high and fast displacement and hands-free dispensing: a very flexible type of ice.

Scotsman Cubelet Ice

Ice & Water Dispensers

The TC180 and DXN Series of ice and water dispensers are the perfect ice solution for operators who have self-service drinks stations or offer ‘bottom-less’ drinks. The Cubelet ice is made from compressed flake ice which is fast to produce ensuring that you always have ice ready to serve.

The touch-free operation of Scotsman TC180 and DXN makes them the ideal hygienic ice dispensing solution for hospitality, medical and institutional applications.

Scotsman Water & Ice Dispensers

Perfect for bars and restaurants

The under counter design of the AFC Series machines can be installed in busy restaurants and bars, ideal for those operators which sell free-refill soft drinks as the Cubelet ice has a large volume for it’s weight taking up more space, reduing the volume of more costly syrup per serving.