A “perfect” fit of ice for The De La Pole Arms

6th of February 2018

Charming Suffolk medieval pub-cum-deli installs gourmet Scotsman ice machine for bar AND kitchen

Taking its name from the ancient De La Pole family of Suffolk, The De La Pole Arms in Wingfield is a 16th Century pub recently adopted by husband and wife Frankie and Cathy Aspin. The Aspins’ rejuvenation of the pub is already creating a buzz in the East Anglian countryside. Within months of acquiring the business, The De La Pole was named one of the top 20 places for Sunday lunch in Suffolk.

The pub features three distinct and different sections; a drinking bar, restaurant and a shop-cum-deli. The bar section is strictly just for drinking.  Meanwhile, if customers using the restaurant are impressed with the food offer, made using locally sourced ingredients and products such as Suffolk Salami Co. chorizo and Suffolk Blue cheese, they can pay a visit to the De La Pole Deli, which is inside the pub.

“We’re creating what is a shop and a pub all in one unit,” says Frankie.

“We want to give customers a premier experience,” he adds, “And when it comes to popular drinks like gin and tonic, the importance of quality ice is paramount.  There’s nothing worse than being given a drink where the ice melts before you’ve even had two sips out of it. We wanted a cube that looked nice and took a long time to melt so that the customer always gets a premium–looking and tasting drink.”

Frankie and Cathy both felt the Scotsman AC106 gourmet ice cube maker was the best machine for the job. With a self-contained ice storage bin, capable of holding up to 23kg of ice, it produces up to 2500 cubes (50kg) per 24 hours.  A compact machine, measuring 530mm(w) x 600mm(d) x 850mm(h) (+ 120mm with legs), it can fit neatly in relatively tight spaces. Frankie and Cathy keep theirs tucked under the bar, easily accessible throughout service.

“I chose Scotsman because it’s always been viewed as a premium brand and I was looking for reliability and economic running,” says Frankie. “It’s important to keep your electric and water usage down, too, as, of course, it saves you money in the long-term.”

Fresh and seasonal local produce, kept in top condition, plays an important part in the De La Pole’s success story, and Frankie and Cathy are also using ice from the machine to refresh vegetables.  “The Scotsman produces enough ice for us to meet the needs of the kitchen, as well as the bar.  It’s brilliant for refreshing produce, because it chills fast and melts slowly.”

When it came to installing the machine, Frankie and Cathy were impressed with the service and support from Hubbard Systems.  “Hubbard’s after sales service ensures we keep on top of the unit’s requirements, such as water filter exchanges, as and when necessary.  In fact, the customer support from Hubbard has been exemplary.

“The machine has run perfectly – and the customers are very happy with their G&Ts!”


Here’s a link to a video of Frankie Aspin discussing the Scotsman Ice Machine at The De La Pole Arms. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVmhYvfCGFM&feature=youtu.be