Clean, green ice machine

9th of July 2019

Ultra-reliable modular Scotsman makes up to 35,000 cubes a day – and hygiene is a cinch

The Scotsman NW507 is the latest ‘green’ ice machine launched by Hubbard Systems.  A modular model, which sits on a separate ice bin, the NW507 is aimed at sites using high volumes of ice.  Part of Scotsman’s EcoX range, it combines simple, ultra-reliable operation with the R290 gas, which has minimal impact on the environment and is a very efficient refrigerant.  The ice machine also has a one touch cleaning system which saves time and simplifies the cleaning process, helping to tackle the thorny issue of ice hygiene.

The NW507 makes dice ice cubes and can be specified in a choice of three cube sizes: the large dice, which weighs in at 15g, the standard 10g dice cube, and the half dice, which weighs 6g.

A key aspect of the NW range is that all models fit the global standard footprint – making them very easy to install and compatible with a wide range of ice bins.  The NW507 is a compact unit, 560mm wide by 610mm wide and 662mm high, so it’s perfect in sites where space is limited.

The demand for ice has never been higher and, despite its relatively small body, the NW507 can make up to 210kg of ice per day – equivalent to 35,000 half dice cubes.

Media horror stories have highlighted on-going ice cleanliness problems and the NW507 tackles this with a one-touch cleaning system that is simple to operate and saves time, as well as helping ensure high standards of ice hygiene.

In fact, the new ice machine is very straightforward to operate overall, with a simple control panel and auto-alert indicator lights should anything go wrong.  Stainless steel panels mean keeping the exterior clean and smart is no effort, and the evaporator is easily accessible for quick maintenance tasks.

“The NW507 ticks so many boxes,” says David Rees, marketing manager at Hubbard Systems, which distributes the Scotsman range in the UK.  “It’s green, it’s compact, it’s easy to look after and it makes ice hygiene easy for staff.  Plus, its production capacity will help operators keep up with the increasing demand for ice.”

The NW507 is available via dealers nationwide, and can be delivered free of charge, next day, to most parts of the UK.