Cold coffee inspirations

4th of February 2020

Scotsman’s latest publication offers ideas and recipes for cold coffee menus

Cold coffee-based drinks have been an increasingly important part of the cafe menu in recent years. Scotsman and the brand’s UK distributor, Hubbard Systems, have been working with top barista Michalis Dimitrakopoulos to investigate the best ice types for different recipes and coffees.  Which ice is best for blended drinks?  Which for iced espresso drinks?  And what about the increasingly popular cold brew coffee?

Now Scotsman, Hubbard and Michalis have put their combined expertise into a booklet, called Coffee Inspirations.  It looks at the different varieties of cold coffee beverages and suggests which ice would be best for different sites.

The big three ice types for coffee are gourmet cubes, nugget ice and dice cubes.  Gourmet is best for cold brew, espresso brew variations and cold drip.  It’s hard, pure and long lasting, so it doesn’t dilute the drink.  The slow-melt properties improve flavour distribution, preserving the drink’s body and aroma.  The purity of the ice, with low mineral salt content, maintains the integrity of the flavour.

Nugget gives the best drinks displacement in blended drinks and mixed beverages.  Dice ice is a great all-rounder and is the preferred option for many chains.  A key benefit is that it’s great in blenders, minimising blending time and delivering an exceptional drink texture.

Coffee Inspirations has loads of information about specialist coffees as well as an extended section with recipes featuring coffee-based cocktails. The booklet is available to download for free from the downloads section of the Hubbard website.

Scotsman is the exclusive sponsor for World Coffee Events (WCE) and a gold sponsor for both the World Barista Championship (WBC) and World Coffee in Good Spirits (WCIGS).  Scotsman will be exhibiting at the London Coffee Festival, 2-5 April 2020, at the Old Truman Brewery.

Michalis Dimitrakopoulos is a brand ambassador for Scotsman.  He was runner up in the WBC 2019 and was World Champion in the WCIGS 2016.