Consultants on ice: Hubbard Systems shows latest icemaker technology

15th of February 2017

Visitors are impressed by versatile nugget

On Jan 31 Hubbard Systems took a group of consultants to visit the Scotsman factory in Milan. The trip was an opportunity for the visitors to find out about Scotsman’s latest nugget ice machine technology.

“Nugget machines are incredibly efficient – but it’s difficult to explain the technology without seeing them in action,” says Simon Aspin, commercial director of Hubbard Systems. “The new nugget icemakers were very well received. Nugget ice is relatively new to the UK. It’s very versatile – for example, if can be used both for drinks and for food display – and its method of production is very eco-friendly. Plus, a small machine can make big volumes of ice.”

The consultants were also shown the Scotsman manufacturing facilities. “It gave us the chance to demonstrate the depth of Scotsman expertise,” says Simon. “Much of the conversation was about the fact that Scotsman build all their own machines, including components such as evaporators, whereas most competitors buy them in.  It gives us much greater control over the quality of the products.”

Feedback from the consultants who attended was very positive. “These guys are responsible for specifying equipment around the world,” says Simon. “They seemed genuinely impressed by the Scotsman philosophy, and the commitment not just to manufacturing quality but also to after sales support and service, globally.

“We very much appreciate them taking a couple of days out of their busy schedules. I think it underlines the growing importance of ice in the catering industry – and the need for specifiers to understand about the different types of ice that are available, and their various applications.”


The consultants on the trip were:

Louise Willis                  LPA / FCSI

Trevor Jones                 TJA Associates

Alessandra Harris          Edge DPM

Carlo Clarke                  CDIS-Karm

Fergus Stapleton           Ferro Design

Ian Maitland                  RPP Solutions

Paul Starbuck               Cini-Little

Kyle Rohland                GWP