Cool cooler answers need for fresh, ‘green’ drinking water supply

27th of March 2019

Scotsman’s free-standing unit offers up to 50 litres of filtered, chilled water per hour.

The Scotsman SCW14B water cooler is now available from Hubbard Systems.  This stainless steel, free-standing unit can deliver up to 50 litres of filtered, chilled mains water per hour.  It’s easy to use, easy to clean and is pretty much maintenance-free.  Easy to install, it’s ideal for all sorts of sites, from schools to offices to leisure centres, and its simple lines will look cool in any setting.  Plus, it offers an eco-friendly alternative to bottled water.

There’s a big focus on the health benefits of having a readily available supply of drinking water.  Meanwhile the backlash against bottled water, with its high cost and unnecessary carbon footprint, is growing.  The Scotsman SCW14B uses mains water and offers a choice of water via a fountain, for drinking straight from the unit, and tap, which is perfect for refilling bottles.  The fountain is an exclusive design that uses two streams of water to build a mound for easy drinking.  It has an automatic regulator to avoid splashing.

Because the water produced by the SCW14B is filtered it tastes just as good as bottled, and since it uses mains water it’s more eco-friendly.  Meanwhile its highly efficient water tank and coil means it chills effectively and can quench thirsts pretty much continuously.  Water is dispensed by push button for filling bottles or glasses or foot pedal for the fountain.

Installation is simple thanks to the ‘pierce yourself’ style of incoming and outgoing utilities passages and the turret-style internal connections, while the front panel allows easy access for service and maintenance.  The unit’s thermostat is positioned just behind the panel and offers a temperature range of 8° to 12°C.  The SCW14B can be free-standing or sited against the wall.

The Scotsman water cooler measures 1275mm high, including the tap, and is 404mm deep and 332mm wide. The SWC14B is backed by a two year warranty.