Eco-friendly flake ice for industry

12th of August 2014

Hubbard Systems launches Scotsman superflaker with hydrocarbon refrigerantScotsman MF57 ice maker with CartRBC500

Flake ice is used extensively in a variety of sectors, from food processing to fisheries to pharmaceuticals, not only to refrigerate products but also to protect perishables.  With pressure growing to reduce industry’s impact on the environment, Hubbard Systems has launched the Scotsman MF 57, a modular flake ice machine that runs on an eco-friendly hydrocarbon refrigerant, R290.

R290 is an environmentally safe, naturally occurring, efficient refrigerant with an ozone depletion potential (ODP) of zero and a very low global warming potential (GWP) of three.

The MF 57 ice machine has a production capacity of up to 500kg of ice per 24 hours.  Scotsman’s quality build ensures reliability through features such as stainless steel construction, hermetic compressor, air cooled condenser, stainless steel auger and freezing evaporator, and an electronic control board.

The MF 57 makes superflake ice, which is dryer than standard flake ice (85% dry, as opposed to around 75% for standard flake ice).  This means it lasts longer and cools more effectively.  The machine’s ice breaker is made of an extra strong alloy, allowing for greater extrusion pressure to deliver the dryer quality of ice.

A variety of features protect the gears and refrigeration system, including an electronic rotation sensor and a low-water sensor.  An optical ice-level sensor can shut the machine down to avoid over-production and reduce water and energy consumption.

The MF 57’s design simplifies cleaning and maintenance.  The stainless steel side panels have a scotch-brite finish and the corners are rounded.  All side panels are removable for easy access.

Optional extras include a UV lamp for bacterial control and an anti-scale, anti-algae water filtration system.

Being a modular unit, the MF 57 is designed to sit on top of an ice storage bin.  Hubbard offers a wide range of storage and ice transport systems to configure the ice machine to each customer’s requirements.

The list price for the MF 57 is £7,990.  It is available through Hubbard’s network of authorised distributors.

For more information on the full range of Scotsman ice machines freephone Hubbard Systems on 0800 616559, call 01473 350045email or visit