Endless ice with the Scotsman ice tower

25th of April 2017

Hubbard launches compact undercounter icemaker that can produce ice all day long

The demand for ice is growing across all sectors of the hospitality and catering industries.  Trends like self-service “bottomless drinks” in the fast food sector mean that operators need economical and reliable sources of ice in large amounts. Simultaneously, increasing pressures on space mean they need equipment to be as compact as possible.

The Scotsman Ice Tower 56 from Hubbard Systems is an undercounter unit measuring 539mm(w) X 664mm(d) X 720mm(h) with a counter top dispenser. Despite its compact size it’s capable of producing 500kg of nugget ice in a 24 hour period – which means it can dispense a virtually endless supply, on tap.

The ice is produced in the undercounter section of the machine, before being fed upwards through a maintenance-free ice chimney, into a 5kg capacity hopper in the tower head. Capable of dispensing 50g in just three seconds, it can either produce as much ice as is required or a set amount with the timer option. This allows it to dispense ice non-stop, factoring in time to replace cups, enabling it to easily keep up with even the highest demand without running out.

The nugget ice it produces has been the most popular type of ice in the USA for several years, and has been growing in popularity over here as operators come to appreciate its versatility. Made by compressing flake ice, the nuggets have a slow melt rate, making them ideal for cooling drinks. They’re also relatively soft, making them ideal for use in smoothies and other blended drinks.

Like all Scotsman products the Ice Tower’s refrigeration system is designed to maximise its lifespan as well as making servicing and maintenance simple. All four side panels are removable for easy access to the internal components, and are made from scotch-brite finish stainless steel. Key components like the auger and freezing cylinder are also made from stainless steel, while the ice breaker is made from a specially hardened alloy, helping to produce ice that is 92% dry. Ice quality is assured, with standard features such as a microbial UV control lamp to sterilise incoming water and the integrated mineral and algae filtration system.

“Nugget ice has been growing in popularity here very quickly,” says Simon Aspin, commercial director of Hubbard Systems. “Putting this level of production into a compact undercounter unit allows more places to take advantage of it than ever before.”