Every ice-eventuality covered!

7th of June 2016

Hubbard’s new multifunctional, space-saving Ice Duo

Hubbard's space saving Ice Duo offers different ice types in one ice storage binThe latest Ice Duo bundle from Hubbard Systems is the ideal multifunctional, space-saving ice maker, says the company. That’s because it has a compact footprint yet delivers a choice of different ice types that can meet the needs of just about every application in busy hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs.

The Ice Duo sits two different modular ice machines onto a single ice storage bin. Each machine can produce different types of ice – the bin’s storage compartment has a divider wall that keeps them separate.


Hubbard’s new Ice Duo features a Scotsman MXG 328, producing classic gourmet supercubes, and a Scotsman N 622, which makes the new, versatile nugget ice.  The two sit side by side on top of a Follett FOL-1025 storage bin.

“The supercube is the ice of choice for upmarket ‘on the rocks’ drinks presentation, such as the classic G&T,” says Simon Aspin of Hubbard Systems.  “It’s hard, crystal clear and long lasting.  Nugget ice, on the other hand, is much quicker to make and is incredibly versatile – use it for cocktails, blended drinks, ice buckets and even food display, instead of flake ice.  The two together cover just about every ice-eventuality in busy hospitality venues.”

As well as offering a truly multifunctional ice supply, the Ice Duo is a real space-saver.  That’s because the two icemakers are sitting on one storage bin, as opposed to sites having to have two separate ice systems.

The MXG 328 can make up to 150kg of supercubes per day.  Because the ice is made by spraying water upwards into inverted refrigerated moulds, most of the impurities fall out so the ice is very hard and very clear.

The N 622 makes up to 266kg of nugget ice per day.  The ice is formed from extruded scale ice.  As well as being fast to make, nugget ice is very eco-friendly, as it wastes much less water during production then other ice types.

The FOL-1025 ice bin has a storage capacity of 464kg.  When the unit is ordered, the divider wall in the storage bin can be moved to adjust the amount of each type of ice that is made. The split can be 50-50 or 34-66, giving the site the opportunity to select whichever storage solution suites them best.  The bin has a footprint of 1321mm wide by 801mm deep.