Fresh pastries are green for go with the Friulinox Vanilla

31st of August 2023
Friulinox Vanilla

New refrigerated pastry cabinet keeps track of how fresh your food is.

Hubbard Systems is now supplying the Vanilla range of refrigerated cabinets from Friulinox, which have been designed specifically for storing pastry and ice creams.

Storing pastries, cakes and ice creams requires precise control over temperature and humidity. Vanilla is a cabinet that has been designed to store these products in peak condition, and is available in a range of different temperatures optimised according to the specific food it is to store.

Vanilla also allows operators to track the freshness of every item stored through Friulinox’s newly developed Sushi Smart Freshness Control app.

Simply register new products as they are stored via a barcode, or manually for artisan products, and Vanilla will automatically track their expiry date. Thanks to its wifi connection, stock can be monitored via a smartphone app. Notifications using a simple to understand traffic light colour coded system will be sent when products are about to expire or have expired. This helps to reduce waste and lower running costs, as well as guaranteeing the freshness of your products.

Friulinox Vanilla Pastry

All operating information can be automatically recorded making it easy to maintain HACCP records.
Vanilla is available in both front and rear of house models. The front of house models feature a stylish matt black finish, with a clear full length front door and bright yet energy efficient LEDs to create an attractive display. The rear of house model is constructed entirely from stainless steel, making it sturdy enough to keep the pace in the busiest kitchen environments.

The cabinet can be specified to work with standard bakery EN1 or EN2 trays as well as ice cream pans.

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