Get Ice Right: Hubbard Systems offering free site surveys

24th of November 2015

Expert will determine the type of ice and machine most suitable for a locationHubbard Systems offers site surveys to help customers find out which ice machine works best for their site

Hubbard Systems is offering no-obligation site surveys to help operators decide which kind of ice machine best suits their needs.

Recent years have seen a proliferation of the types of ice available, with each having specific applications. For example the gourmet supercube is a pure and slow-melting ice ideal for classic on-the-rocks drinks, while places with high peaks in demand may find dice cubes more suitable. Flake ice has a wide range of applications, from cocktails to food display. Nugget ice is increasingly popular in the US and is making in-roads here, too.

With so much choice of machines and different applications for ice, it can be difficult for operators and specifiers to have the expertise necessary to know which machine to choose for a site’s specific needs.

Hubbard’s site survey, available to all customers, involves an expert visiting the venue to assess which machine is best suited to the site. The survey will also take into account environmental factors, for example available space, plumbing restrictions and so forth, as well as what ice type the customer requires.

Hubbard Systems has been the UK distributor of Scotsman ice machines for over 50 years, and has built an unparalleled knowledge-base of expertise during that time. The company has established a reputation for the quality of its pre- and after-sales support. With the Scotsman range now covering more than four hundred icemaker variants, Hubbard’s new site survey offer will make it easier than ever for customers to access its expertise.