Great looking, blender-friendly ice from a compact machine:

20th of November 2019

Scotsman’s new NU icemaker is ideal for coffee shops

Hubbard says its latest Scotsman, the NU H 100, is ideal for coffee shops because it’s a compact undercounter machine producing attractive ice that looks great in iced coffees, but which is also kind to blender blades for blended drinks.  Plus, despite its compact size, the NU H 100 produces large quantities of ice and has a 20kg integral storage bin – so it can cope during busy periods with ease.

Because the NU H 100’s airflow in and out is to the front, there’s no need to leave space at the sides or back for ventilation.  This, combined with its small size (it measures just 600mm wide by 610mm deep and 744mm high), means it can be fitted into the tightest of spaces.  Even so, it can produce up to 56kg of ice per day.

The NU H 100 makes half dice ice.  These narrow, rectangular cubes weigh 6g and are softer than gourmet ice cubes, and smaller than standard dice cubes, which is why they blend more easily.  However, they are also clear, attractive and long lasting when used to chill non-blended drinks.  Their large surface area means they cool effectively and quickly.

Undercounter dice ice machines are relatively unusual, due to the fact that the dice ice cubes are made using a vertical evaporator, so they need a certain amount of height.  Scotsman developed the NU range in order to meet the demand for dice ice from sites such as coffee shops, which don’t have space for a high volume, modular dice icemaker.

The NU H 100 has an attractive appearance that’s ideal for front of house.  It’s also very practical: for example, the one-touch cleaning system saves time and cost, while the air condenser is easy to access for do-it-yourself cleaning.  When routine maintenance is due, an alarm lights up on the front panel.  The exterior is made of stainless steel, and the storage bin’s one-touch sliding door makes it easy to access the ice.

Hubbard offers the full Scotsman NU range, which includes undercounter models making up to 142kg per day.