Ice cool under pressure: Mum’s the word for Hubbard/Scotsman rally driver

1st of July 2016

Rallying is a family affair for Hubbard business manager

When he’s not busy providing excellent customer support in his role as Business Development Manager for Northern England and Scotland at Hubbard Systems, George Fell can often be found going for a drive with his mum, Lois. But these aren’t your run of the mill day trips to the seaside we’re talking about, because George is competing in the Scottish Tarmack Rally Championship and his mum is his co-driver.

The pair started racing together after Lois Fell recovered not only from three hip operations in ten years but also from breast cancer. “We made a promise, as a family, that once she recovered she could go rallying,” says George. “She’s now been in remission for three years and there’s no stopping her!”

George and Lois have been competing in the championship for two years. For the 2016 season they are driving a specially adapted Ford Puma fitted with a 1600cc, 170bhp Ford Sigma engine configured for quick point-to-point acceleration.

Most of the events take place on tightly winding stages, and the sudden turns mean that it’s not a sport for the unprepared. “It’s very tough, technical driving, you get slung around a lot and with the forces involved you could easily lose your lunch if you’re not ready for it!” says George.

The team have had a few hair-raising moments. During last year’s fixture at Crail Raceway they hit a truck tyre on the outside of a corner at 60mph, going over four times. It was only the second event they’d done in their car at the time. The car had to be written off, but their enthusiasm was undamaged and after securing the Puma they were able to race it in the next event.

Fell Motorsports are proud to have the logos of both Hubbard Systems and Scotsman Ice displayed alongside the pink breast cancer awareness ribbon. And while George and Lois are yet to have any major results – “the competition is very strong!” – this is a family affair with the potential to reach the podium.