Ice Experts at Excel

16th of December 2015

Hubbard Systems at Hotelympia 2016

Stand 3430, Excel London, 29th February – 3rd March

Hubbard's new Scotsman MXG range of modular machines makes its Hotelympia debutThe Hubbard Systems stand is set to be the go-to place for product launches, with a host of new icemakers making their Hotelympia debut. Hubbard distributes the market-leading Scotsman range, offering the largest range of models, from compact undercounters to industrial units, and the widest choice of ice, including supercubes, dice, flake, cubelet and nugget.

On stand 3430 visitors will be able to check out the very latest Scotsman ice machines – including the new MXG range of modular machines, the latest to make the famous thimble-shaped Scotsman gourmet Supercube.

The MXG range combines productivity, reliability and ease-of-use, with aesthetic-appeal and quieter operation. One MXG unit is capable of producing up to 500Kg of gourmet ice per 24-hours, on a global standard footprint. The gourmet Supercube is the obvious selection for the presentation of classic on-the-rocks drinks – it lasts longest, looks the best and chills without diluting.

Also on the stand will be the new DXG35 ice dispenser, designed to deliver the ideal self-serve ice provision, for example in hotels, while making superior ice cubes. The DXG35 can produce up to 30kg of ice per day – the equivalent of 1500 x 20g crystal clear, long-lasting gourmet Supercubes – and it has an 11kg storage bin, allowing it to cope easily with peaks in demand. Operation is very user-friendly and hygienic. Guests simply place their glass in the dispensing area and push the button. The system automatically dispenses the cubes, minimising handling.

The DXG35 operates quietly even during the ice harvest cycle, thanks to a new design of internal deflector that minimises noise caused by cubes dropping into the storage bin, so is ideal for 24 hour ice provision, even in hotel corridors. Its stainless steel exterior is attractive and tough while the simple electromechanical controls ensure reliability and consistent production.

The MXG and DXG35 aren’t the only products making their debut on the Hubbard Systems’ stand. The Show will also see the launch of several other new products – details will be unveiled at Hotelympia.

Ice training area

Supercube, flake, superflake, dice, scale, cubelet or nugget? With so many different varieties of ice available it’s important to find the right one to suit the application. That’s why Hubbard’s ice experts will be on hand to help visitors explore the different varieties and shapes of ice and the application they are best suited to – so that operators get the best out of their ice.

For example, nugget ice, made from compacted flake ice, is very versatile – it can be used for all sorts of purposes including chilling drinks, food displays and blending. The Scotsman nugget machines offer a big, fast production on a small footprint, perfect for sites where space is limited but demand is high. The softness of the nugget ice makes it the ideal ‘blender-friendly’ choice for blended drinks, such as iced coffees and smoothies.

The expert advice will extend to a dedicated training area. There will be training sessions for distributors, designers and consultants about how to match the best types of ice and the appropriate Scotsman machine to specific applications. Examples include the best ice for a G&T, the best for QSRs and so on. Plus, there will be training sessions for end users on how to look after and clean their ice machines to prolong service life.