Ice Innovations at the London Coffee Festival

4th of February 2022

London Coffee Fest: Top barista demonstrates iced coffee concepts on Scotsman stand

Acclaimed barista will be showcasing his exclusive coffee based drinks

London Coffee Festival – Stand number SO4, 31st March-3rd April 2022 at The Truman Brewery, London

Scotsman will be attending the London Coffee Festival on March 31st-3rd April 2022 discussing how ice is a vital addition to any coffee shop, with the help of Scotsman’s iced coffee expert Michalis Dimitrakopoulos.  Visitors to Scotsman’s stand will also get the chance to experience the new Legacy concept ice machine. Designed as Scotsman’s vision of the future of ice machines, the legacy features an eye catching design using black stainless steel, tempered glass and a special alloy finish.  Ice experts from Scotsman’s UK distributor, Hubbard Systems, will be on stand to answer visitor questions.

Michalis Dimitrakopoulos is the 2016 winner of the World Coffee In Good Spirits Championship, runner up in the 2019 World Barista Championship and co-owner of The Rabbit Punch coffee shop in Greece. He has established a strong reputation for the quality and innovative nature of his work, which combines carefully selected ingredients and experimental techniques to create exciting speciality coffee drinks.

Each day of the festival he will hold two demonstrations of the quality of Scotsman ice and how it can be used to make a variety of coffee recipes.

The morning sessions will begin at 11am. This session will involve Michalis making a selection of cold coffee special recipes using a Chemex coffeemaker and Scotsman ice cubes, along with one of his trademark storytelling sessions about the use of different types of ice in coffee. This will include drinks like the slow cheeta smoothie, cherry cold brew and ginger coffee.

Meanwhile, starting at 5pm, the afternoon sessions will focus on how to make the coffee and spirit cocktails he created exclusively for Scotsman. Attendees will get the chance to see how to make drinks like the Coffee Negroni, the Espresso Martini and El Cafecito.

Each session will showcase how Scotsman’s different ice types can help with creating the perfect iced coffee drinks, from using slow melting gourmet ice to make the perfect cold brew or cold drip preparation or how nugget ice can be used to layer different ingredients within the cocktail glass.

When it comes to ice machines, the star of the stand will be the Legacy.  The design is functional as well as aesthetic, with a concave front that improves airflow. It also features advanced components like a cutting edge evaporator capable of handling the hardest water, and carries Total Dissolved Solids verifications. The Legacy also includes the Scotsman XSafe ultraviolet hygiene system that destroys viruses and bacteria while reducing the formation of moulds, mildew and slime in ice machines.

More information on the London Coffee Festival, including how to buy tickets, can be found on its website