Introducing XSafe – Only from Scotsman!

10th of August 2020

XSafe activates the power of oxygen to keep ice machines cleaner longer

Scotsman XSafe Flaked Ice MachineInnovative UV-based system provides chemical-free disinfection to Scotsman ice machines

Hubbard has launched XSafe, an innovative new system for Scotsman ice machines that destroys viruses and bacteria as well as significantly reducing the formation of mould, yeast, mildew, slime and odours.  XSafe will be a standard feature on most Scotsman ice machine ranges.

XSafe will eradicate airborne viruses such as Covid-19. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has raised the importance of keeping food production equipment clean in order to fight the spread of infections. Ice machines have always required a regular cleaning schedule in order to reduce contamination, but with the unprecedented pressures businesses are facing Scotsman has been looking for effective new ways to ensure hygiene is maintained between these cleans.

XSafe is a cleaning system that uses the natural disinfectant power of UV light to help keep the interior of ice machines in peak hygienic condition. It uses UV light to first convert oxygen into ozone, then convert the ozone into activated oxygen. This activated oxygen is what attacks a wide spectrum of contaminants, including germs and bacteria. It does this by destroying the bonds in the molecules of the contaminating material, converting them into harmless molecules.

Ice machines pose a few design challenges in order to take advantage of the disinfectant powers of UV light. Putting a lightbulb in the storage bin would leave anything covered by the ice untreated. XSafe is an integrated unit that processes air constantly, pumping it throughout the bin ensuring the activated oxygen is distributed evenly throughout the interior. This helps reduce contamination by more than 99%, as well as prolonging the working life of the equipment by up to 30% while reducing cleaning costs by at least 50%.

“The pandemic is putting huge pressures on businesses to raise their standards of hygiene, while implementing measures for social distancing has often meant fewer staff having to do more in less time,” says Pete Gray, managing director of Hubbard Systems. “The addition of XSafe to our range of Scotsman machines represents one part of Hubbard’s commitment to bringing innovative solutions to these issues.  It’s a huge leap forward in commercial ice hygiene.”

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