Is the Scotsman EC the perfect ice machine?

24th of June 2020

Is there such a thing as the perfect ice machine?

In our opinion the EC-Series from Scotsman comes close…

Scotsman EC177 Ice Machine What is the EC-Series?

The EC-Series from Scotsman is a range of self contained, under-counter ice machines designed to produce Scotsman’s premium ice – the Gourmet Supercube. The range has a number of different models to fit almost any application with production capacities from 25 to 145 kilos of ice every 24 hours. The EC-Series has the added advantage of having a built-in waste water drain pump (or PWD) which allows the units to be installed a noticeable distance away from other sinks and drains.

What is a Gourmet Supercube?

The Supercube is Scotsman’s premium ice cube. Supercubes are made by spraying water upwards into a super cooled inverted mould. Inverting the mould ensures that any sediment or impurities in the water are naturally removed by gravity, leaving only pure water to form the cube making these cubes crystal clear and very hard.

The clarity of Supercubes makes them the perfect choice for drinks presentation whilst their purity ensures that they melt slowly. The unique ‘thimble’ shape means that these cubes are less prone to sticking together in the ice bucket as well as being easier to handle than the more traditional square cube.

EC-Series ice machines are available in different configurations to make Supercube ice in three different cube sizes; Small 8g, Medium 20g, or Large 39g cubes. The different cube sizes are perfect for a variety of applications, so there’s a EC-Series ice machine for almost every food service and beverage business.

Scotsman Gourmet SupercubeWhat is the PWD?

PWD stands for Progressive Water Discharge. It is the smart, pressurised discharge system that will allow you to reach remote water drains to dispose of the left over water at the end of each production cycle, as well as the water resulting from the ice melting over time in the storage bin. A non-return valve prevents any potential drain water back-flush into the system, greatly improving the overall hygiene of the ice machine.

This pumped waste water system allows the EC machines to be installed up to 15 meters away from, and 1.5 meters below the main drain. Make installation in almost any position easy and trouble free.

Is it eco-friendly?

Yes. The EC-Series is part of Scotsman’s EcoX initiative which operate using R290 – Propane refrigerants which have a global warming potential (GWP) of only 3 making them fully compliant with the recent changes to the F-Gas regulations.

Do I need a separate storage bin?

No. The EC-series are a range of self-contained units which both produce and store the ice. The lower part if the machine is a thermally insulated storage bin with built-in drains ensuring the ice remains in perfect condition for when you need it. The production process is automatic. Sensors within the storage bin monitor the ice level and will automatically stop ice production preventing the bin from over-filling and wasting both water and electricity unnecessarily when the ice reaches the top of the bin. Once ice has been removed from the storage bin, production resumes automatically.

What size machine do I need?

The size of machine you’ll need is dictated by the amount of ice you’ll think you’ll use in any given 24 hour period and how fast you’ll need it. If your business is a steady flow throughout the day then a smaller unit may suffice as the production will keep up with the demand. For example, the EC-57 model holds 12Kg of ice (or approximately 625 medium sized cubes) which is perfect for smaller applications like hotel lobby bars and cafes where there’s a steady flow of customers throughout the day.

If you operate a busy bar or nightclub, which is only open at certain times, then the EC-226 model would be better suited as it holds 70Kg of ice, the equivalent of 3500 medium sized cubes, providing a large volume of ice quickly.

If you operate a really busy bar, restaurant, nightclub or hotel then a modular ice maker would probably fit the bill a little better. Give the Ice Experts at Hubbard a call on 01473 350045 to find out more.

Do I need a water filter?

95% of the time yes you will. The composition of mains water varies a lot in the different regions of the UK. Any impurities in the water; minerals, chlorine, sediment, bacteria, amongst other things will adversely effect the quality of the ice being produced. Impurities will cause the ice to form in cloudy or white cubes which can be brittle and unattractive.

To ensure the ice your EC ice machine produces the best quality ice possible, Hubbard Systems recommends installing a 3M HF-Series cartridge water filter to the incoming water supply. No only will fitting a suitable filter make better ice, it will prevent any bacteria or contaminants from entering the machine and the scale inhibiting properties will help extend the operational life of the machine.

How do I get a EC-Series ice machine for my business?

Scotsman EC-Series ice makers are available nationally through our wide network of dealers – simply contact your preferred equipment supplier and ask them for a Scotsman EC-Series ice machine. Alternatively drop us a line at or call us on 01473 350045 and our Ice Experts will be able to put you in touch with your local Scotsman dealer.