Is Your Scotsman XSafe 12 months old?

1st of June 2022

Keep your Scotsman XSafe…

Scotsman XSafe LogoThe XSafe system from Scotsman keeps your ice maker free of germs, viruses and bacteria by using powerful UV light to produce ozone and photoplasma. This mixture has very high oxidation properties which can destroy viruses & bacteria and prevent the growth of mould, mildew, slime, and odours. The reactive oxygen mixture is produced continually, flowing throughout the machine at all times. Keeping the ice machine, and anything inside it, hygienically clean and free from all known bacteria and viruses (including corona-viruses).

Scotsman XSafe Replacement BulbTo ensure your Scotsman remains XSafe, you must replace the UV bulb once every twelve months.

It’s recommended that you replace the UV bulb in the XSafe system when you perform an annual preventative maintenance service on your ice machine.

A typical annual ice machine preventative maintenance service should include:

Replacement of your water filter cartridge – whether you have a 3M system, a Aquapure cartridge or another brand of water filtration, you should always replace the cartridge at least once a year depending on the size of the system you use. This ensures that the water supply to your ice machine remains free-flowing. As, over time, water filters can become blocked with contaminants and scale which will cause your ice to become cloudy and lower the quality.

Flush the water system – when you replace your water filter, you should always flush through the fresh water system to ensure no contaminants have made their way past the filter. This will ensure that your ice machine produces nice, hygienic ice.

3M water FiltrationDescale the evaporator – if you have a good quality water filter which you replace regularly, then descaling may not be required. But if your business is in an area which has very hard water scale formation may be inevitable! Removing any scale formation from the evaporator will ensure that the ice produced by the machine is as clear and pure as possible. Ice which has scale can look milky or cloudy and is less attractive when served in a glass.

Clean the ice storage bin – the ice storage bin should be emptied and cleaned every couple of months as a matter of course to prevent contamination by physical contaminants and foreign bodies like bottle labels, bottle tops, utensils or even broken glass! All of the ice in the machine should be discarded and the storage bin thoroughly cleaned. This should be carried out at the same time as the water system is flushed and the evaporator descaled so that any chemical residue is rinsed away, preventing contamination to the freshly produced ice.

Clean the air filter – the often over looked part of the ice machine! Regular cleaning of the air filters ensures that the ice machine cools itself effectively which in turn ensures that it works at it’s optimum efficiency, making plenty of ice for your business. Ice machines which have poor air flow due to blocked air filters can over heat, lowing production or even fail altogether.

Replace the UV bulb in the XSafe system – to ensure that the XSafe system continues to protect your ice machine for another twelve months, it’s really important that the bulb is replaced. Overtime, UV bulbs lose their effectiveness and stop producing the reactive oxygen mixture which kills viruses, bacteria, moulds and slime.

If you would like to arrange a service for you ice machine, either contact the dealer or retailer who you purchased the machine from in the first instance, or contact the Ice Experts at Hubbard Systems on 01473 350000 who will be more than happy to arrange for a service technician to attend your site and service your ice maker.

Hubbard Systems Technical Department – 

Please Note – The annual preventative maintenance service should only be carried out by a Scotsman approved service technician. Failure to follow this advice may result in personal injury or avoidable damage to your ice machine.