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13th of May 2014

Hand Sanitiser Dispenser from Hubbard SystemsPROTECT YOUR STAFF, CUSTOMERS & VISITORS!

Taylor UK have launched a range of liquid hand sanitiser dispensers to help customers protect their staff and customers from the Covid-19 and other germs or viruses.

The freestanding designs and stainless steel construction makes them idea for busy customer and visitor areas as they can be easily re-positioned for maximum effect and use. Locate them near entrances and doorways or near serve-over displays to give your visitors reassurance that you’re taking the crisis seriously and have their well being at the forefront of your operation.

Our hand sanitiser dispensers can be used with any liquid or gel hand sanitisers allowing you to choose the best product for your business without the complication of signing an ongoing product supply agreement.

Install hand sanitiser dispensers in all food preparation and public areas to help protect and prevent your team members, customers or visitors from contracting or transferring the Covid-19 virus within your business or place of work.

Features of our liquid hand sanitiser dispensers include:

  • Wall Mounted or Freestanding – The freestanding options can be moved easily allowing them to be positioned near shop entrances and doorways to maximise their use and effectiveness.
  • Elbow or Pedal Operated – The long lever allows the user to dispense sanitiser using their elbow or with the foot pedal (depending on model) reducing the need to keep sanitising the dispenser itself.
  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction – Our attractively designed hand sanitiser dispensers are constructed from robust food grade stainless steel and are manufactured to meet all European hygiene and safety standards.
  • Refillable Reservoir – The liquid hand sanitiser reservoir is compatible with ANY liquid or gel hand sanitiser allowing you to use your preferred brand without any ongoing product supply contracts or commitments.

Download the Specifications HERE >>>

To order Hand Sanitiser Dispensers for your business, contact Hubbard Systems:

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