Keeping Hospital Patients Cool and Hydrated

31st of May 2020

Scotsman compact ice dispenser is an easy solution for hospitals and care homes

Scotsman TC180 Ice DispenserIce plays a number of vital roles in medicine and care, with many hospitals and NHS trusts currently looking for ways to add ice production capability at ward level. The importance of guaranteeing an uncontaminated product in hospitals and care homes is paramount, but the system must also be simple to access.

The Scotsman TC180 is ideal for hospitals and care homes looking for a simple way to make ice while maintaining the highest hygienic standards. A compact counter top ice maker and dispenser designed for hands-free operation, it is capable of producing a maximum 120kg of cubelet ice every 24 hours. The standard model can hold 5kg of cubes, allowing for a constant supply of ice. It can be supplied as an ice dispenser or a combined ice/chilled water dispenser.

Cubelet ice is particularly well suited for patients’ needs. It is produced by compressing flaked ice to remove residual water, with the end result being as low as 10% of the original volume of water. These small cubes are dry and hard but softer than standard ice cubes, which makes them chewable. They’re a great method of hydrating patients unable to consume fluids by normal means, as they are small enough to be comfortably held in their mouths while the cold also provides a soothing effect.

The TC180 combines hands-free operation via “magic eye” sensor and a fully closed ice production system to help maintain standards of infection control by reducing unnecessary handling of the ice. Cleaning and maintenance is also designed to be simple, with key parts like the spout and drip tray being removable for easy sterilisation.

Its footprint of just 390mm width and 600mm depth allows for great flexibility in siting, providing a simple to use and hygienic supply of ice and drinking water. Installation is simple, as The TC180 only requires a standard 13a power supply and connections to water and drainage.

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