Look No Hands – Ice Hygiene gets a BOOST

11th of May 2020

Scotsman HD Series Ice Dispense BinsHubbard’s Scotsman HD ice dispenser introduces a further level of hygiene to ice servings

Getting ice from the machine’s storage container to the ice bucket for service is an area where lax hygiene standards can result in contamination. This is turn can lead to public health risks and loss of customer confidence. The Scotsman HD Series ice dispensers available from Hubbard Systems effectively eliminates this hazardous procedure.

Originally designed for hotel and motel guests to self-serve their own ice into buckets, these machines are also excellent for behind the bar use in hotels, restaurants and pubs or anywhere where ice is supplied for drinks. At present, when hygiene is foremost in people’s minds this is one way operators can offer reassurance to their customers of safe practice.

The Scotsman HD modular dispensers are designed to fit Scotsman supercube or dice ice machines such as the MXG or NW. They have an electronic rotor located in the bin which breaks up and directs the ice through the dispensing chute into a storage bucket for serving to the customer. A simple ‘push’ chute activates the ice dispensing mechanism, eliminating the need for the operator to delve into the ice bin. This dramatically reduces the chances for ice contamination prior to serving.

With a modern stylish design in a stainless steel cabinet, the dispenser has a removable top panel to allow easy access for routine cleaning. Polyurethane foam insulation preserves the ice supply for long periods.

There are two models in the series: the HD 22with a bin capacity of up to 59kg and the HD30 with a bin capacity of up to 81kg. Both operate from a 13 amp power socket and are supplied with a 5m power cord.

To find the specifications of the Scotsman HD Series Ice Dispense Bins Click Here >>>

*Please Note – The Scotsman modular head units are sold separately.