MXG: the new modular icemaker from Scotsman

9th of March 2016

Hubbard MXG icemaker-1Hubbard Systems has launched the new Scotsman MXG range of modular machines, the latest to make the famous thimble-shaped Scotsman gourmet Supercube.

The MXG range combines productivity, reliability and ease-of-use, with aesthetic appeal and quieter operation. There are six models in the range, with outputs from 150 to 410kg per day.  All models are designed to fit on a global standard footprint for easy installation. The gourmet Supercube is the obvious selection for the presentation of classic on-the-rocks drinks – it lasts longest, looks the best and chills without diluting.

Standard features on the MXG range include Agion, a compound within the plastics of the assembly that makes products cleaner and longer-lasting.  Its built-in protection works 24/7 to resist the growth of microbes and the development of unpleasant odours.  Electronic controls mean that although ambient and water temperatures may vary, the ice consistency always stays the same.  The front-access condenser air filter can be easily cleaned by staff: this do-it-yourself operation saves time and money and helps maximise the icemaker’s service life.  An alert light blinks to advise when it’s time to arrange a maintenance visit to clean the water system.