One icemaker to supply them all…

9th of October 2019

Hubbard launches Scotsman SIS ice storage and transport system for larger venues.

For big venues using a lot of ice, a single, high volume icemaker with an ice transport system can be the most cost effective solution.  It can also be the most flexible, since ice can be transported to wherever it’s needed.  Now Hubbard has launched the Scotsman SIS ice storage and transport system.  The system combines a storage bin, mounted on legs, and a shuttle cart, which sits below the bin and is used to move the ice to wherever it’s required.

The SIS system is designed to accommodate a wide choice of Scotsman modular icemakers, which will be sited on top of the bin.  The first SIS unit to be launched is the SIS 300, which has a bin that can hold up to 137kg of ice.

The SIS 300 bin is constructed from stainless steel, with a hygienic, easy to clean polyethylene interior.  Ice from the machine drops into the bin, where it is held until required.  The shuttle cart is filled through a sliding guillotine door, which is easy to open and close.  The system’s base has a built in drain for the bin and the cart.

The SIS shuttle cart is made of polypropylene and can hold up to 73kg of ice.  Its swivel wheels and ergonomic handlebar make it easy to manoeuvre, while rounded corners provide protection in transit.

The SIS 300 is compatible with Scotsman modular ice machines which make a variety of different cubes.  They include the N0 622, which makes up to 292kg of nugget ice per day; and the MF 46, which produces flake ice and has a capacity of 330kg per day.

The SIS 300 is available from Hubbard distributors.  The storage bin measures 884mm wide by 1025mm deep and 1343mm high (not including the icemaker).