Scotsman has Takeaway Ice Sales in the Bag!

8th of June 2020

Hubbard Systems makes it easy for businesses to offer ice to customers in lockdown

Scotsman BGS10 Ice Bagging SystemWith more businesses transitioning to a takeaway focused model in response to the current situation, Hubbard Systems has begun supplying a Scotsman ice bagging accessory providing a simple and safe way to offer customers the chance to add ice to an order.

The unit consists of a hopper funnel which can have plastic bags attached to it, allowing for them to be filled in seconds with no danger of physical contact and contamination. Once filled the bag can be sealed with the integrated tape sealer.

The bagger can be used with Scotsman’s modular ice storage bins, or as a freestanding unit with undercounter machines. They can be combined with a range of different icemakers, meaning that whether businesses use Scotsman’s signature supercube, ideal for a long lasting cooling effect, or compact nugget ice, which is great for smoothies or blended drinks, customers can now be provided with an ample supply of ice to supplement their take out order. This provides additional profit opportunities for a range of pubs, bars and food outlets as they adapt to the lockdown.

The ice bagger kit includes the bagger unit and a bracket to hook it onto the ice storage bin, a sealer tape dispenser and a 180ft roll of tape, capable of sealing approximately 850 bags.  Hubbard also supplies a pack containing 250 ice bags.

Find the full specifications of the Scotsman BGS10 Ice Bagger by Clicking Here >>>