Scotsman High Volume Modular Systems get the XSafe Treatment

20th of November 2020

24/7 sanitising technology covers both icemaker and storage bin

The ground breaking XSafe ice machine hygiene technology is now available on Scotsman modular icemaker setups.  Modular icemakers comprise an icemaker head sitting on top of a separate ice storage bin and are popular in sites that require high volumes of ice. Businesses such as hotels, restaurants, bars, night clubs and leisure centres.  A single XSafe system can sanitise both the head and the bin, working 24/7 to enhance hygiene.  XSafe significantly reduces the formation of mould, yeast, mildew, slime and odours and destroys bacteria and viruses – including Covid-19.

The XSafe is integrated into the icemaker head of the modular setup.  It has a UV light that converts oxygen into ozone, then converts the ozone into activated oxygen. This activated oxygen is pumped throughout the modular setup – the ice machine and the ice storage bin – and attacks a wide spectrum of contaminants, including germs and bacteria, converting them into harmless molecules.

XSafe helps reduce contamination by more than 99%, as well as prolonging the working life of the equipment by up to 30% while reducing cleaning costs by at least 50%.  It also saves staff time, since they don’t have to spend as long cleaning the icemaker.

30% reducing in cleaning & maintenance

The XSafe is now built in as a standard feature on a wide range of Scotsman’s modular icemaker heads. These include systems to make gourmet cubes, dice ice cubes, nugget ice and flake ice.  For example, the MXG range of gourmet cube icemakers has production rates from 152kg to 400kg per day, and Hubbard offers multiple bin storage options, from 129kg to 431kg.  Meanwhile the MF range of ice flakers has a choice of models producing from 120kg to 2,500kg per day, with optional bin capacities ranging from 129kg to 1,068kg.

Since the XSafe is fitted into the head of a modular system, it means that anyone installing a new head onto an existing ice storage bin can be safe in the knowledge that the system will sanitise both.

“XSafe is making a huge impact in terms of helping solve the perennial issue of ice hygiene,” says David Rees, marketing manager of Hubbard systems.  “Covid-19 has underlined ice hygiene even more – which is why it is so important to that the XSafe system is available on as wide a range of icemakers as possible.”

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