Scotsman’s mighty MXG 400kg a day ice machine

29th of May 2019

High volume icemaker available on next day delivery for summer 2019

Hubbard has launched the latest in Scotsman’s MXG range of high volume, modular ice machines.  The MXG 938 is the biggest model in the range, producing up to 400kg of ice per day.  It’s bang on trend because the hospitality industry is using more ice than ever.  While undercounter machines are popular, their production capacity is limited, which is why more operators are considering larger, modular icemakers.  To keep up with demand, ice machines are being developed to produce more and more ice – hence the MXG 938.

These days, when they order an ice machine many operators want it right away, especially if it’s a replacement purchase during a busy period.  For summer 2019 Hubbard has built up extra stock of its MXG range and can offer most models for next day delivery, to most of the UK.  MXG models are available in a range of sizes, with the smallest model producing 150kg of ice per day.

Like all MXG models, the big 938 produces Scotsman’s gourmet ‘supercube’ ice cubes.  Thimble shaped, crystal clear and long-lasting, they are the ideal cube for upmarket presentation since they look fabulous, cool quickly and don’t dilute the drink.  Two cube sizes are available: medium, a 20g ice cube, and large, each of which weighs 39g.

Despite its capacity, the MXG 938 has a relatively compact footprint, being just 773mm wide by 704mm deep.  As a modular machine it will be sited on top of a storage bin – Hubbard offers a choice of these, with storage capacities ranging from 180kg to over 800kg.

For more information about Hubbard’s free, next day delivery service, contact the company.