Self-service supercubes help hotel guests keep their cool

4th of August 2017

Scotsman ice machines installed in top London hotel

The London Marriott Hotel Regents Park is a luxury 4-star hotel with 311 rooms based in the heart of North London. Recently it has undergone extensive modernisation, with a new spacious lobby and each floor being upgraded to meet the expectations of modern travellers, with smart technology and stylish design inspired by the local area.

One of the recent trends in upmarket hotels has been to provide guests with more opportunities for self-service. As part of this, Scotsman DXG35 ice dispensers from Hubbard Systems have been installed in the public areas on each floor, allowing guests to have access to ice whenever they need it.

Craig Hole, Chief Engineer at the London Marriott Hotel Regents Park, explains. “Obviously, having friendly and highly trained staff looking after you is still a major part of the appeal about staying at a quality hotel, but there are plenty of extra touches we can provide for our guests to enhance their time with us.”

The DXG35 is designed as the ideal self-serve ice provision in hotels. It makes Scotsman’s crystal clear, long lasting gourmet supercubes. It can produce up to 37kg of ice per day – the equivalent of 1500 x 20g supercube ice cubes – and has an 11kg storage bin, allowing it to cope easily with spikes in demand.

The supercube is made by spraying water upwards into a mould, which causes impurities to fall out as it freezes. This makes the supercube strikingly clear and slow melting, making it ideal for presentation of quality drinks. Their thimble shape also means the ice cubes do not stick together in the storage bin.

Ice is dispensed using a push-button, which helps to reduce contact and hygiene issues while guaranteeing reliability and maximising working life.

The stainless steel exterior of the DXG looks good and is tough enough to withstand life in public areas, while the operation is designed to be both user-friendly and maintain hygiene.

Scotsman’s philosophy of ‘designed-in simplicity’ means maintaining and installing the ice dispenser is easy, too.  For example, the water system is protected by Scotsman’s patented anti-scale feature, while moulded plastic components are embedded with AgION, an antimicrobial agent that also helps to stop the development of unpleasant odours.

Water hoses and cables can be connected either through the side or the back of the unit and the adjustable legs mean the dispenser can sit directly on the floor, even if it is uneven. On the air-cooled version, the front-mounted air filter makes removing and cleaning it extremely simple.

While the renovations at the London Marriott Hotel Regents Park are ongoing, the new equipment is already having an effect. “It might seem like a small thing,” says Craig, “But the guests appreciate being able to get ice whenever they want.”

The units at the London Marriott were supplied through Reeder Refrigeration.