The greening of ice

26th of September 2014

Hubbard Systems introduces new Scotsman hydrocarbon modelsThe Scotsman MV430 icemaker on a SB322 ice bin, both available through Hubbard Systems for facebook

Hydrocarbons are well known for their low environmental impact and have been used in small capacity and reduced refrigerant-charge systems with great success. With the development of more efficient compressors this greener refrigerant is now available for bigger ice machines.

Scotsman has been at the forefront of the use of new refrigerants in ice machines and now, through Hubbard Systems, two models in the Scotsman MV Series, which use propane (R290) as the refrigerant, have been introduced to the UK market.

“The continuing trend towards companies looking at their carbon footprint means that customers are asking for ice machines that are long-lasting, efficient and with a low total life cost. These two Scotsman MV ice makers have been developed with these demands in mind while at the same time producing high quality ice,” says Simon Aspin, Commercial Director, Hubbard Systems.

The MV machines comprise the MV460, with a production capacity of up to 220kg of cube ice in 24 hours, and the MV430 with a 210kg production capability. Both machines feature a front-facing evaporator to simplify routine cleaning operations, which can be carried out by removing the front panel. For further ease of cleaning, the reusable air filter is easily accessible from the outside.

To ensure ice hygiene, embedded antimicrobial Ag-Ion is present in selected food-zone components preventing build-up of bacteria in the machine.  Auto alert indicator lights display the operating status and a diagnostic LED light guides the user through the troubleshooting process and helps form decisions regarding calling out an engineer.

The smaller MV430 measures 563mm (w) x 613mm (d) x 660 (h) while the MV460 is 762mm x 620mm x 573mm. The R290 gas charge does not exceed 150gm in compliance with European laws. Hubbard Systems covers the MV machines with a full 2 year guarantee.

The list price for the MV460 is £3917 and for the MV430 £4013.

For more information on the full range of Scotsman ice machines, and details of local stockists, freephone Hubbard Systems on 0800 616559, call 01473 350045email or visit