The ice guide part 3: Dice Ice – all-rounder or jack of all trades?

5th of May 2017

Ice is ice is ice, right? Wrong. Here’s the low down on DICE ICE CUBES from Hubbard, the ice experts. 

Dice ice is a bit of an all-rounder. We’re talking about the classic six-sided rectangular or square ice cubes – they come in dice (typically about 10g), half dice (6g) and large dice (17g).

Because they’re made on a vertical evaporator, dice ice cubes are quick to produce (not as quick as nugget, but quicker than a gourmet supercube). They’re quite good looking, too (better looking than nugget, not as good looking as gourmet); are decent for quality drinks (slower melt rate than nugget, faster than gourmet); and quite kind to blender blades (softer than gourmet, but harder than nugget).

So – a great all-rounder, or a jack of all trades, depending on how you look at it. It means dice ice cubes can be used for ‘straight’ drinks service, on the rocks.  And, because they are relatively soft and break down easily in the blender or crusher, they are also good for blended drinks, such as cocktails and smoothies. This versatility makes them ideal in sites that need a ‘do-anything’ ice cube.

You can get dice ice makers in compact undercounters, which would be ideal for, for example, coffee shops, as well as high volume, modular systems which are perfect for, say, hotels or night clubs.

Want to learn more?  Check out Hubbard Systems’ Guide to Ice in the downloads area at

Dice ice is one of eight different ice types produced by Scotsman ice machines, each of which has a distinct application. They are gourmet ice cubes, aka supercubes, dice ice cubes, superdice ice cubes, flake ice, superflake ice, cubelet ice, nugget ice, and scale ice. They are all covered in Hubbard’s Guide to Ice.