What’s the best ice for coffee shops?

4th of August 2015

Scotsman superdice: great looking ice that’s gentler on the blender

Creamy Iced Coffee
Creamy Iced Coffee

Superdice is a new ice cube that combines the benefits of the classic gourmet or thimble supercube with those of a standard dice cube.  It’s crystal clear and longer lasting, so it looks great for presentation in classic iced coffees.  However, it’s also a softer ice cube, so it’s ideal for blended drinks, such as café frappé, since the softer cube is gentler on blender blades.  Its versatility makes it a truly all-round cube for coffee shops and any sites offering a full coffee menu.

The Scotsman superdice machines, available in the UK through Hubbard Systems, are big on reliability and ease of use, making them ideal for sites that need to keep up with demand, but that may have different staff in on a day-to-day basis. The corrosion-resistant exterior makes them hard-wearing and the compact design, with sliding door, means that they can be placed in the tightest locations. The innovative evaporator design ensures that the machines produce perfect, crystal clear ice throughout their working life.

The smallest in the range is the Scotsman CU0415 Prodigy Dice Cuber, measuring 381mm(w) x 610mm(d) x 815mm(h). It is capable of producing 26kg of superdice ice in just 24 hours, which can be stored in the 16kg capacity integral storage bin. The largest in the range is the CU3030, which can produce 130kg per 24 hours and hold 50kg in the integral storage bin.

List prices start from £1,266.