Which ice is right for your hotel?

16th of June 2015

Hubbard produces the Hotel Ice Guide

Hubbard's new Hotel Ice Guide looks at the different types of ice used in hotelsHotels use lots of different types of ice for various applications – in the bar, the restaurant, the kitchen, and for room service. Selecting the right ice types for an individual venue, and the right machines, is an important decision. Now Hubbard Systems, the company distributing the market-leading Scotsman range of ice machines, has produced the Hotel Ice Guide. It shows which types of ice are best for which application – gourmet supercube, dice, superdice, flake, nugget and so on.

The Guide is available free from the downloads page at scotsman-ice.co.uk. Alternatively, printed copies are available on request from Hubbard Systems.

For example, hotels that blend lots of iced drinks should consider a machine making superdice ice cubes. This crystal-clear ice is ideal for straight iced drinks, like gin and tonic, but it’s also a softer cube that’s kinder to blender blades.

On the other hand, if presentation of classic on-the-rocks drinks is the prime focus, the obvious selection is the gourmet supercube – it lasts longest and chills without diluting.

Hotels that need both cubes and flaked or crushed ice could go for separate ice machines – alternatively they might consider a cube ice maker and an ice crusher, which gives them both options in a low-cost package.

“Hotels have a wider variety of ice requirements than most hospitality operators,” says Simon Aspin, commercial director of Hubbard Systems. “Lots have multiple machines, too. But we regularly find sites where the ice provision would have been much more efficient if the right purchasing decisions had been made. That’s where our Hotel Ice Guide comes in – it gives hotels the basics so they know what ice they are likely to need. Armed with that information, they can then talk to their supplier about which machines will suit them best.”