Will you have enough ice?

4th of March 2021

Will you have enough ice?As the lockdown begins to ease and businesses like pubs, restaurants and hotels begin to welcome back guests, poorly maintained or badly decommissioned equipment can often fail on re-start creating headaches for the operator.

Will you have enough ice to serve your customers?

Hubbard Systems can offer a range of services to help get your Scotsman ice making equipment up and running as quickly and effectively as possible.

Cleaning accessories, replacement water filters and genuine spare parts…

Our spare parts department can provide you with everything you need to deep clean your Scotsman ice maker prior to recommissioning. Everything from descaler and sanitising solution, to replacement water filter cartridges and self fit spare parts.

If your ice maker has been left idle for months, it’s essential that you fully deep clean and sanitise the machine before switching it back on. This is to ensure that any airborne bacteria and contamination has been removed. It is recommended that the first four or five ‘dumps of ice’ are removed and discarded to allow the water system to pull through fresh water. If you have a inline water filter fitted, it is recommended that this is replaced (regardless of use) as lack of water flow can sometimes cause these filters to fail.

For advice on the correct procedures for recommissioning your Scotsman ice maker, contact the Hubbard Systems Technical department on 01473 350000 or email service@hubbardsystems.co.uk

Recommissioning & Preventative Maintenance…

If you’re not confident that your Scotsman is going to work properly when you turn it back on, Hubbard Systems can facilitate either a reactive service call or preventative maintenance visit to you business to recommission you machine and make sure everything is function as it should. Our network of approved service providers can offer a range of services, call us on 01473 350000 to learn more.

Replacement Equipment…

Things unfortunately go wrong. If your ice machine fails on start up and looks uneconomical to repair, we have large UK stock holding of all types of ice making equipment both self-contained and modular which manufacture all types of ice including, Gourmet Supercube, Dice Ice, Flake Ice, Nugget Ice, and Cubelet Ice dispensers. If you need a replacement ice maker, we can get one to you FAST and often new working day. Contact the Ice Experts at Hubbard Systems to discuss your ice machine needs, call 01473 350045 or email sales@hubbardsystems.co.uk

The majority of new Scotsman self-contained and modular ice makers are now fitted with Scotsman’s new XSafe system. XSafe is a UV sanitation system which has been proven to be effective against Covid-19, rendering the virus 99.999% ineffective in only 1 second! So if you do need to replace your existing ice maker, you can be confident that you’re replacing it with the safest ice maker available!