You Should Be Using Supercubes!

16th of July 2020

Negroni Cocktail with Scotsman Supercube IceAmazing cocktails can be spoilt with sub-standard ice… iconic cocktails need iconic ice!

Iconic thimble ice versus standard cube ice… (or Scotsman supercubes versus cube-cubes if you prefer)

The wrong type of ice can present a range of problems… But there’s plenty of reasons why you should choose Scotsman’s Supercube…

Problem – My drinks become too diluted when I mix them in a shaker

Conventional dice ice or cubes of ice have eight corners or points which are easily broken off during the shaking process. These small ice fragments melt quickly diluting the drink producing a lower quality finished product. Scotsman’s large and extra-large Gourmet Supercube ice is perfect for mixing drinks in a shaker. The iconic thimble shape has no corners or points to break off, ensuring that the drink gets the optimum mix and cooling without compromising the integrity of the finished product.

Problem – The shape of the ice can make pouring drinks a messy process

The sharp angular shape of square ice can cause liquids to splash in unpredictable directions making the process of pouring drinks quickly messy, clumsy and wasteful. The smooth, curved thimble shape of our supercube ice allows liquids to flow past effortlessly allowing the mixologist, barman, or barista to make perfect drinks quickly which improves customer satisfaction as they don’t have to wait as long!

Problem – The ice in my glass melts too quickly

Scotsman Gourmet Supercube ice machines can manufacture ice in four different sizes; Small 8g, Medium 20g, Large 39g and Extra-Large 60g. Each cube size is perfect for different types of drink, different glass sizes, or to for fill different operational requirements.

The larger the cube the longer it takes to melt. The large or extra-large supercubes are ideal for short drinks like high-end scotch-on-the-rocks as they melt really slowly preventing the drink from being diluted prematurely. Alternatively, they can rapidly cool drinks from ambient temperatures, which is particularity useful if you don’t have the refrigeration space to pre-chill all of your mixers.

If you operate a busy bar which also offers table service, the slow melt rate of the larger cube sizes will give your drinks more ‘travel time’ or ‘more preparation time’. The slow melt ‘buffer’ gives you a little more time to prepare a number of different drinks without the first one you made spoiling before the last one is finished, and gives you time to get them all to the table at the same time and in perfect condition.

Problem – My ice isn’t super clear

The quality of the incoming water supply has a massive influence on the visual appearance and quality of the ice. Hard-water areas will have issues with calcium deposits whereas soft-water areas might suffer from other mineral residues. We recommend fitting a 3M™ water filtration kit to every ice machine regardless of the incoming water quality. These cartridge systems are easy to install and replacing cartridges is quick and easy. The advantage of using filtered water is that they remove all mineral particulates and sediment, remove any chlorine residues, and they reduce any bacteria and microbial growth which could be found in the water. The result is pure, odourless and tasteless ice which is perfect for expensive drinks and cold brew coffee where taste and quality is everything!

The method which Supercube ice is formed naturally creates ice which is as pure and clear as the water supply will allow. The ice cubes are made by spraying water upwards into an inverted frozen mould which freezes the water really quickly. The inverted mould allows any sediment or impurities in the water fall back down into the collection trough, leaving only pure water to form the cube. This process produces super clear and super hard ice.

Scotsman Supercube - Iconic Ice

Scotsman Supercube Ice MachinesScotsman manufacture a wide range of Gourmet Supercube ice machines. Under-counter units for built-in bar applications or modular machines for larger operators and hotels.

Whatever your application, Scotsman have the supercube machine for your business!

Scotsman AC-Series – Standard under-counter ice machines. Models available to make from 25 to 145 Kg every 24 hours.

Scotsman EC-Series – Premium under-counter ice machines with built-in drain pumps allowing the unit to be installed almost anywhere. Models available to make from 25 to 145 Kg every 24 hours.

Scostamn MXG-Series – A range of modular units to produce from 152 to 400 Kg every 24 hours. The head units can be mounted on a variety of storage bins to give complete flexibility in production and storage to fit your operational requirements.

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