Compact combination oven with programable touchscreen controls, full steam options with Autoclean Pro self-cleaning.
Ideal for all commercial kitchens with limited space.

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Compact combination oven with programable touchscreen controls, full steam options with Autoclean Pro self-cleaning.
Ideal for all commercial kitchens with limited space.

Specification Overview

Eloma Joker 6-11 MT
Eloma Joker 6-23 MT

Dimensions (W x D x H) - Control on TOP

6-11 – 520 x 805 x 693 mm
6-23 – 520 x 625 x 693 mm

Tray configuration

6-11 – 5+1 x GN 1/1
6-23 – 5+1 x GN 2/3
(67 mm between trays)

Power options

Single or three phase (model dependent)
5.8 to 7.7 kW

HACCP controls

Full HACCP data logging downloadable via USB or optional WiFi

Optional extras

KH1 – Condensation Hood
KH1 PRO – Smoke Hood
Oven stand with/without tray runners

Recommended water filter

3M B195H-CLS

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Standard features of the Joker MT

• Door with build in LED lights
• Triple glazed insulating door
• Quick release door lock
• USB port
• LAN connector
• Active dehumidification control in 5 levels
• 5 levels fan speed and pulsed
• Internal core temperature sensor with 4 measuring points
• 7“ capacitive touch screen and additional Push-Dial knob for ST control
• Guided cleaning program
• Seamless hygienic cooking chamber
• Hanging rack 5 + 1 with 67 mm distance for 6-23 and 6-11

Eloma Joker MT Ovens are designed to be customisable…

• Cavity – 6-11 for full size 1/1GN trays or 6-23 for 2/3GN trays
• Control position – TOP with left or right hinged door, LEFT with right hinged door, RIGHT with left hinged door
• Water module – No water for convection only operation, steam injection for baking, or fresh steam system for combi-steaming
• Water tank option – Joker ovens can be ordered with built-in water/waste tanks. This allows the full cooking functionality without water utilities (Autoclean Pro® is not available with this option)
• Cleaning – Manual with/without spray hose or Autoclean Pro® with liquid or solid cleaners for automated self cleaning
• Built-in hoods – Joker ovens can be fitted with a condensation hood for baking or a smoke hood for full a la carte cooking


Eloma Joker module overview

MT Controls – Fully Programable Touchscreen

Joker’s with MT controls can be operated in manual mode to allow chefs to cook on-the-fly adjusting settings as they need them. But they can be programmed to cook in a specific way for individual menu items or multi-cooking programs can be created to automate processes so multiple items can be cooked together and be ready at the same time – ideal for lower skilled kitchens, institutional operations and banqueting. Any unnecessary functions can be disabled to prevent confusion.

• Support with start-up settings
• Weekly programming PRO
• Multi Cooking / Multi Baking PRO
• Multifunctionality (new functions)
• Even more possibilities to individualise the operating concept – standardising your operating sequences and workflows

Eloma Joker MT Controls

Autoclean Pro® with solid or liquid cleaners

Liquid cleaners – fully automate the cleaning process of your oven. Program the oven so that it automatically cleans itself during ‘out of hours’ periods to avoid disruption whist maximising cleanliness and hygiene.  Four different cycles can be chosen depending on the dirt build up, from a quick rinse to a full deep clean. The different options reduces chemical consumption as it only uses what it needs as it needs it. All the dosing pumps are within the oven removing the need for external pumps.

Solid cleaners – Ovens with Autoclean Pro® can be switched between liquid or solid tablet cleaners at anytime to fit in with the operational needs of the business. Ovens with solid cleaners cannot be programmed to automatically start cleaning as the tablets need to be manually placed in the oven.

Additional options for the Joker include….

Built-in condensation or smoke hoods which can be retro-fitted or factory fitted.

KH1 – condensation hood traps the excess steam and moisture from the cooking chamber, ideal for use in cafes and convenience stores, and operators who cook a wide range of products with a focus on baking.

KH1 PRO – smoke hood utilises the technology of the condensation hood and combines it with additional filtration, including carbon filters, to remove smoke and odours. Ideal for operators who want to roast proteins along with steaming and baking but have limited extraction.

Eloma Joker extraction hood options

Support stands – We continue the modular approach. Configure the support stand of your new JOKER according to your needs: with or without levels, with or without bottom shelf.

CombiMix-Kits – The new Joker can easily be stacked to create a power center. No protruding parts. Everything fits. The maximum recommended tray insertion height is maintained.

Eloma Joker options

Onboard water tanks – Joker ovens can be ordered with built-in fresh and waste water tanks allowing the ovens to be installed in positions away from water utilities. Perfect for pop up kitchens, satellite serveries and mobile operators. These versions of the Joker have the same cooking performance but cannot be fitted with the Autoclean Pro® option.

Built-In Installation – The Joker 6-23 oven with the KH1 condensation hood can be built-in to a fitted kitchen design. Ideal for front of house serveries like breakfast stations, airport lounges or even high-end homes. A special installation kit is required which includes a reinforced pull out shelf which allows the oven to be easily accessed should service be required.

Eloma Joker Options

Configure your own Joker…

There’s so many possible combinations to choose from when it comes to choosing the perfect Joker for your kitchen.

Position of the control panel, orientation of the door, the steam system, the control interface, what cleaning system… the options go on and on!

Eloma’s Joker oven configurator allows you to design your perfect oven.

Eloma Oven Accessories

A wide range of Eloma trays and accessories, including replacement water filters, can be ordered with your Joker oven, alternatively they can be purchased online from our ecommerce store HTG Extras.

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