Touch-Free Dispensing

The TC180 and DXN Series of ice and water dispensers are the perfect ice solution for operators who have self-service drinks stations or offer ‘bottom-less’ drinks. The Cubelet ice is made from compressed flake ice which is fast to produce ensuring that you always have ice ready to serve.

The touch-free operation of Scotsman TC180 and DXN makes them the ideal hygienic ice dispensing solution for hospitality, medical and institutional applications.

DXN dispensing

Room Service Ice Dispensers

The Scotsman DXG35 dispenses medium gourmet supercube ice directly into ice buckets. It’s slim design makes it ideal for installation in guest areas for self-service applications or butlers pantries for room service use. Ice is dispensed by pressing a button and doesn’t require any handling which improves hygiene with less handling.

Scotsman DXG35 Dispenser

Ice Storage with Electronic Dispense

The Scotsman HD22 and HD30 can turn a modular Gourmet Supercube or Dice ice maker into a hygienic ‘no touch’ dispensing system.

No more scooping ice into ice buckets, simply push the container against the dispense spout and ice will begin to fall automatically.

Scotsman HD Ice Dispensers

Water Fountains

Reduce the use of plastic bottles by installing a filtered cold water fountain.

Scotsman supply a range of water fountains which feature either push pad or foot control for improved hygiene. The SCW 14 B EVO has an extended spout for the refilling of reusable bottles.

Water Fountain