Nugget ice ‘cubes’ are incredibly versatile and, being made of compacted flake ice, are very fast to produce and in large volumes.

Nugget ice is fast becoming the ‘standard’ cube for a wide variety of operators who have multiple uses for their ice. The small compact Nuggets are ideal for chilling soft drinks in ‘bottomless drinks’ applications. The ice displaces more liquid than cubed ice, lowering syrup costs per cup.

Nugget Ice is also great for packing foods for storage and transport, food manufacturers, restaurants and hotels.

Scotsman Nugget Ice

Perfect for Cocktail Bars

Nugget ice is a great way to present high end cocktails. It can be used for classic frappe drinks along with longer ‘coolers’.

The ice has a high displacement which means the customer gets a visually impressive drink using regular drinks measures.

Scotsman Nugget Ice

Food Manufacturers & Transportation

The soft texture of Nugget Ice makes it ideal for use by bakeries for retarding dough and fresh produce processors for washing vegetables and salad items. The nuggets last longer than flaked ice but will not damage the produce.

Nugget ice can be used to pack fresh produce for transportation. The nuggets are easy to handle and can be compressed to form a protective, cold, barrier.

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