Hubbard Awarded Partner of Year Award 2023

4th of March 2024
Scotsman Award 2023

We’re super proud to announce that Hubbard Systems has been awarded with Scotsman Ice Systems‘ partner of year award for our performance and partnership in 2023.

According to Alessandro De Blasio, Vice President Sales & Marketing Scotsman Ice Systems; “Hubbard Systems performance was and still is outstanding, you’ve managed to reach an historical milestone in the UK ice market and made Scotsman the undiscussed number ONE brand in the industry. Scotsman market shares (units count) have exceeded 30% of the overall UK ice market and this is the result of your hard work!”

We’d like to congratulate the entire Hubbard Systems team in all departments from sales, to logistics and aftercare for all their hard work and may this amazing achievement continue into 2024!

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