Turn your JOKER into a non-smoker…

13th of December 2023

Hubbard Systems is now offering the powerful steam and smoke condensation hood option for the Eloma combi steamer

Hubbard is now supplying the KH1 Pro Multi-Eco condensation and smoke hood system for the Eloma Joker combi steamer.

The Joker is designed to be a powerful and versatile combi steamer with a wide selection of customisation options that allows it to be installed almost anywhere, while its visually appealing design makes it ideal for front of house use. The KH1 Pro helps with this by combining the functions of a condensation unit and air filtration system in one. It is designed to prevent steam and grease particles from being released, allowing the Joker to operate without needing additional exhaust and ventilation systems, with no affect on the quality of cooking results.

It is able to do this thanks to a powerful four stage filtration system. During operation exhaust air from the cooking process is drawn out of the oven chamber by a powerful fan and sent to the condenser unit. There, it passes through a grease filter, particle filter and an active carbon filter which remove particulates and odours.

Just before the cooking process ends, the fan moves up to a higher speed to allow it to cope with excess steam and smoke released when the door is opened. The KH1 Pro then draws up this released steam through the flame protection filter positioned on its front panel, preventing it from being released into the room. If the door needs to be opened during the cooking process, the fan will automatically move to a higher speed to compensate.

The KH1 Pro has the same footprint as the Joker and is designed to fit seamlessly on it. Each of the systems integrates perfectly allowing them to operate as one, providing enormous flexibility to where an Eloma Joker can be installed.

Constructed from sturdy and food-safe stainless steel, the KH1 Pro was designed to be aesthetically appealing as well as practical. The front intake is angled forwards, allowing it to operate effectively without getting in the way of staff. The filters are accessible from the front, with the flame protection and grease filter made from stainless steel allowing them to be cleaned in a dishwasher. Powerful sensors monitor the condition of the particle and active carbon filters, and if they need to be changed or adjusted this information will be shown on the front-mounted control panel.

Eloma Joker combi-oven with KH Pro smoke hood

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