7 grid combination oven, left or right hinged door, fully programable touchscreen controls with Autoclean Pro self cleaning.
Ideal for restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and schools.

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7 grid combination oven, left or right hinged door, fully programable touchscreen controls with Autoclean Pro self cleaning.
Ideal for restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and schools.

Specification Overview

Eloma GeniusMT 6-11

Dimensions (W x D x H)

925 x 810 x 840 mm

Door opening

Optional left or right

Tray configuration

7 x 1/1GN
(67 mm between trays)

Power options

400v  / 50hz / 3ph
10.2 to 12.0 kW – 3x 20amp

HACCP controls

Full HACCP data logging downloadable via USB or optional WiFi

Optional extras

Multi-eco condensation hood
Support stands
Special hanging rack for BN64 trays

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Easy. Ingenious. GENIUS!

Discover the GeniusMT , the ideal combi steamer for gastronomic establishments. It is outstanding in terms of performance and versatility.
In the commercial kitchen, its efficiency and reliability guarantee a continuous flow of food. In the restaurant, its flexibility allows you to master a wide variety of dishes using different preparation methods. In system catering, it shines with its rapid preheating time, even heat distribution and automatic cleaning.

Thanks to the MT technology, adjusting and controlling the optimal parameters is as easy as child’s play. No matter whether gentle steam cooking or crispy frying – the GeniusMT fulfills a wide range of culinary requirements.

Eloma GeniusMT

Fresh Steam System

Eloma’s own fresh steam system generates steam directly in the cooking chamber, right when and just as much as is needed, ready to go whenever you want. The immediate change of operating modes is possible at any time, with perfect steam saturation guaranteed. Saving time, energy and water. With lowest maintenance requirements.

Autoclean Pro® with solid or liquid cleaners

Liquid cleaners – fully automate the cleaning process of your oven. Program the oven so that it automatically cleans itself during ‘out of hours’ periods to avoid disruption whist maximising cleanliness and hygiene.  Four different cycles can be chosen depending on the dirt build up, from a quick rinse to a full deep clean. The different options reduces chemical consumption as it only uses what it needs as it needs it. All the dosing pumps are within the oven removing the need for external pumps.

Solid cleaners – Ovens with Autoclean Pro® can be switched between liquid or solid tablet cleaners at anytime to fit in with the operational needs of the business. Ovens with solid cleaners cannot be programmed to automatically start cleaning as the tablets need to be manually placed in the oven.

Standard features of the GeniusMT

• 12 operating modes
• ADC – active dehumidification control in five levels
• Automatic summer/winter changeover
• Automatic resting time in accordance with steam injection quantity
• Automation of cleaning and maintenance instructions, including locking
• Operating unit made of glass with 9″ display and MultiTouch
• Manual steam injection (additional)
• Steam injection quantity can be preset (in 10 ml steps)
• Flashing light at end of cooking program
• Data and HACCP logging and display
• E/2 energy saving function
• Eco Steam
• Start screen setting
• Favorites identification during saving
• Favorites list and favorites search
• Humidity range: 0% to 100% humidity (accurate to the percent)
• Fresh steam system
• Cooking time compensation (Multi Cooking PRO / Multi Baking PRO)
• Additional cooking time / post-bake function
• Individualisation of the operating concept with Password Manager
• Integrated hose spray
• Core temperature, adjustable between 20°C and 100°C (accurate to the degree)
• LAN interface
• Fan speeds in five levels
• Fan wheel auto-reverse

• Fan wheel clocked
• Multi-point core temperature probe
• Multilingual user interface (25 languages)
• Multi-eco system: heat recovery
• Multi menu
• MT technology: baking mode
• Last® 20
• Multi Cooking PRO / Multi Baking PRO
• Multi-touch display
• Quick mode cooking/baking
• Quick mode cleaning
• Quick set
• Power steam
• Programs and Media Manager
• Program list with 1000 programs, 20 steps each
• Fully automatic cleaning: autoclean® PRO
• Swath quantity adjustable in milliliters or seconds
• Special programs (low-temperature cooking, regenerating, holding, thawing, steaming)
• SPS – Steam Protection System
• Start-up settings
• Steptronic and step overview
• Temperature, adjustable between 30°C and 300°C (accurate to the degree)
• Timer function: input of start and end time
• Left hinged door
• Door with LED lighting and double glazing
• Quick release door lock
• Weekly programming PRO for cooking/baking programs and autoclean® PRO

One finger, one display. That’s enough!

Not enough time for long explanations? With the GeniusMT, you can cook, bake and clean with ease – thanks to Eloma’s pioneering MT technology. Simple, efficient and intuitive: the GeniusMT allows you to enjoy a unique cooking experience. Scroll, swipe, select – it couldn’t be faster.

The 9-inch capacitive glass panel is robust and easy to clean. Even when things get hectic, everything is under control thanks to the simple and intuitive controller.

Multi-Eco Condensation Hood

If your GeniusMT oven is going to be located away from the main extraction canopy, then the KH2 condensation hood is the solution for you!

The Multi-Eco condensing hood traps excess moisture preventing it from venting into the working environment, reducing humidity and creating a nicer working space.

COMING SOON – The PRO version will be available early 2024 which also traps smoke and odours providing a ‘ventless’ solution for space limited operators.

Eloma Oven Accessories

A wide range of Eloma trays and accessories, including replacement water filters, can be ordered with your Joker oven, alternatively they can be purchased online from our ecommerce store HTG Extras.

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