Large rapid cook oven designed to heat and toast 'Subway Style' sandwiches.
Ideal for sandwich shops, cafes, and convenience stores.

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Large rapid cook oven designed to heat and toast 'Subway Style' sandwiches.
Ideal for sandwich shops, cafes, and convenience stores.

Specification Overview

Pratica Rocket Express

Dimensions (W x D x H)

532 x 806 x 636 mm

Chamber dimensions (W x D x H)

394 x 362 x 146 mm

Unit weight

88 Kg


Touchscreen with 1024 settings


Firmware & menu setting updates by USB or Wifi via Pratica IOK system


32 amp Single Phase or
16amp Three phase

Kilowatt rating

6.9 kW

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The Rocket Express high-speed oven is recommended for quickly finishing refrigerated, fresh, or frozen foods, like breakfast sandwiches, chicken wings, muffins, lasagnas, mac & cheese, sub sandwiches, and other partially prepared foods, yielding excellent flavour, appearance, and crisp results.

The combination of impinged air, microwaves, and infrared radiation allows for heating, browning, or toasting foods faster than traditional methods. Ideal for larger portions. Its spacious interior provides ample room for cooking larger quantities of food, making it well-suited for situations requiring higher capacity.

Rocket Express rapid cook oven

Features of the Rocket Express include:

• Touchscreen display with intuitive and multi-language software, making it easy to set up, operate, and create recipes
• USB loading capabilities for programming and sharing settings between ovens
• Catalytic converter filter technology allows the oven to operate in any indoor area without the use of a hood
• Easy access to the removable catalytic converter that allows cleaning and maintenance to be performed by the end-user
• Manual cooking mode allows quick and intuitive cooking of unexpected menu items
• Infrared bottom heating element with independent temperature control
• Bottom filter can be easily removed for cleaning and maintenance
• Includes a daily cleaning function that cools the oven to safe temperatures and shows a video with recommended cleaning steps
• No side vents, allowing zero side clearance
• Up to 1024 recipes with 8 steps each in 16 groups
• Adjustable temperature from 30°C  to 280°C
• Exterior, cool to the touch

The Rocket Express technology

1. Variable speed blower motor
2. Powerful impingement heater
3. Impinged air for even browning
4. IR heater for bottom crisping
5. Removable catalytic converter for ventless operation
6. Twin magnetrons for powerful microwave

The Catalytic convertor system makes the Rocket a ‘ventless’ oven, allowing it to be installed without the need for conventional extraction hoods.

IOK – Internet of Kitchen…

IOK is a platform that allows you to stay connected to your Prática high-speed ovens via Wi-Fi. You can access your ovens from any location and conveniently manage your operation.

Manage your recipe menus from anywhere – Create, edit, remove and distribute groups and recipes from your computer, mobile or tablet to all compatible ovens. Great for multi-site operators.

Customise the recipe display image  – Illustrate with real photos of your products.

Receive software updates – System improvements always available to download for free.

Pratica IOK

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