Modular supercube ice machine, produces 170Kg every 24hrs, designed to be fitted to a separate storage bin.
Ideal for Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs, Bars & Nightclubs

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Modular supercube ice machine, produces 170Kg every 24hrs, designed to be fitted to a separate storage bin.
Ideal for Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs, Bars & Nightclubs

Specification Overview

Scotsman MXG 427 (head only)

Dimensions (W x D x H)

568 x 704 x 721 mm

Max production / 24hrs

170 Kg

Recommended storage bin

SB 193 (129Kg) or SB 322 (168Kg)

Cube size(s)

Medium 20g

Unit weight (net)

66 Kg

Water consumption (A)

18.0 Litre/hr

Energy consumption (A)

26.7 kWh/24hr




230v / 50hz / 1ph

Fuse / CB rating

16 amps

Recommended water filter

3M HF60-S

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Ice Storage Bins & Transportation

Scotsman MXG modular ice machines require a suitable ice storage bin to compliment the production capabilities of the head unit.

Scotsman manufacture a range of ice bins in the NB/SB and UBH series. These ice storage solutions come in a variety of different dimensions and capacities allowing you to customise an ice production solution that’s perfect for your specific business needs.

Larger modular ice machines could benefit from being paired with either SIS or ITS ice transport bin which make the handling of large volumes of ice easier and more hygienic.

Scotsman Ice Bins

Features of the Scotsman MXG 327 include

• Individual transparent solid supercube: each single cube is an artwork: crystal clear and perfectly shaped, faithful to the Scotsman tradition.
• Global standard footprint: strictly follows international imperial standard commonly adopted in the industry of reference.
• Electronic control: ambient and water temperatures may change throughout the years but your ice will stay the same.
• External indicator lights: keeps ice maker’s operations under constant surveillance.
• Front access condenser air filter: a do-it-yourself cleaning operation that saves time and money and makes your ice maker live longer.
• Clean alert: advises with a blink when it’s time to clean the filter.
• XSafe: natural sanitation system, integrated inside the ice maker and operating automatically 24/7 to keep equipment clean & safe.

Scotsman Gourmet Supercube Ice

The Supercube is the most popular type of ice cube – ideal for coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, pubs, and clubs. Made in the famous Scotsman thimble shape, they are available in four different sizes.

Their clarity makes them the perfect choice for drinks presentation whilst their purity ensures that they are slow melt. Their unique shape means that these cubes are less prone to sticking together in the ice bucket as well as being easier to handle than the more traditional square cube.

Supercubes are made by spraying water upwards into an inverted mould. Inverting the mould means that any sediment or impurities in the water fall back down, leaving only pure water to form the cube making these cubes very hard.

Scotsman Gourmet Supercube ice

Scotsman XSafe

XSafe is a totally natural sanitation system which is fully integrated inside the ice machine. It operates automatically 24 hours a day 7 days a week to keep your ice making equipment clean and safe.

The system destroys over 99% of known viruses and bacteria (including corona-viruses), and substantially reduces the formation of mould, mildew, yeast and slime within the machine preventing unpleasant odours from occurring.

Scotsman XSafe

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