Soft drinks and sodas are a key part of any quick service or fast food restaurant. Having the right ice machine for your type of business will make a profitable part of your menu even more beneficial.

Speed of service and customer satisfaction are key to a successful business. Having the right equipment is the foundation to building a reliable foodservice operation, especially one which operates long or even 24 hours a day.

Scotsman Dice Ice makers produce a large volume of ice relative to their footprint. As a result, you’ll never be short of ice. Our ice dispensers are the perfect hygienic solution for self-service drinks stations. The machine dispenses ice directly into the cup eliminating cross contamination.

Dice Ice

Dice ice is the most common form of ice found in QSR and fast food restaurants. Dice ice is formed on a vertical evaporator into the classic ‘chocolate bar’ slab which breaks into individual cubes as it falls into the storage bin. This process produces ice quickly which means Scotsman dice ice makers can produce a large volume of ice relative to the machines footprint.

Dice ice has a low density which gives it a higher displacement in drinks. This means it takes more space in the cup. As a result, less product is required to give the same perceived value to the customer which produces a more profitable menu item.

Dice ice is the perfect option for blended drinks machines as it’s softer texture blends quickly and evenly.

Dice ice machines can produce three different cube sizes; half dice 6g, dice 10g and large dice 15g.

Ice & Water Dispensers

If you offer a self-serve or ‘bottomless’ drinks offer then a Scotsman ice dispenser would be ideal for your operation.

The DXN is a self-contained unit which is designed for self-service use. The machine produces cubelet ice which is compressed flake ice which is formed into irregular nuggets. The ice is stored in an internal hopper and is dispensed directly into the serving glass either by the touch of a button or automatically when the glass is placed beneath the spout.

Automatic ice dispensers are a hygiene solution for serving ice. The fully enclosed design prevents contamination from external sources and the automatic dispense option makes the whole process touch free.

3M™ Water Filtration Products

Ice is 100% water. You want to keep it that way!

Keep your ice machine and cash register humming with water filtration you can count on. Scale build-up and sediment particles put your ice machine at risk for breakdowns, increased maintenance and
inefficient operation—and could cause profits and customer experiences to suffer. Consistently give your customers clean, clear, great-tasting ice with 3M™ Foodservice Water Filtration.

3M Water Filtration Products