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The foodservice offer in canteens and refectories is just as important as mainstream restaurants. Even more so as your customers return every day, so providing a quality food and drink offer is very important.

Ice is often overlooked. Having the right type of ice solution can make all the difference. Supercube ice is great for rapidly cooling drinks which reduces the need for pre-chilling. Dice ice machines produce ice quickly making them a great option for space limited sites. And a ice/water dispenser is a great option for self-service.

Our range of blast freezers can help kitchen workflows. Preserving the quality of foods and extending shelf life which helps maintain food costs and reduce wastage.

Ice & Water Dispensers

The DXN is a self-contained unit which is designed for self-service use. The machine produces cubelet ice which is compressed flake ice which is formed into irregular nuggets. The ice is stored in an internal hopper and is dispensed directly into the serving glass either by the touch of a button or automatically when the glass is placed beneath the spout.

Automatic ice dispensers are a hygiene solution for serving ice. The fully enclosed design prevents contamination from external sources and the automatic dispense option makes the whole process touch free.

Dice, the Versatile Ice

Dice and half dice cubes are extremely versatile, and the speed they can be produced relative to the machine footprint makes dice ice machine a great option for space limited operators.

Dice ice has all kinds of uses. They’re ideal for drink chilling, food preparation and chilling ice buckets.

The large contact area gives it a rapid chilling effect, and it’s soft enough to be blended, making it the preferred choice for making smoothies and many other blended drinks. Its relative softness reduces wear and tear on your blender, while speeding up production.

Gourmet Supercube

Institutions serving large numbers of people on a daily basis can struggle to keep refreshments cold prior to serving.

Scotsman’s gourmet SuperCube is perfect for rapidly cooling drinks that haven’t been pre-chilled. Their hard, pure structure quickly drops the temperature of liquids, without melting too quickly and limiting the dilution, ensuring patients, visitors or customers get a quality drink every time.

3M™ Water Filtration Products

Ice is 100% water. You want to keep it that way!

Keep your ice machine and cash register humming with water filtration you can count on. Scale build-up and sediment particles put your ice machine at risk for breakdowns, increased maintenance and
inefficient operation—and could cause profits and customer experiences to suffer. Consistently give your customers clean, clear, great-tasting ice with 3M™ Foodservice Water Filtration.

3M Water Filtration Products